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WTA Tennis




Since 2000, Jane Breun has participated on 70 teams in the Madison area.  This year she participated in the senior divisionon two levels, the adult and senior mixed divisions and the super senior division.  She also participates in combo doubles, tri-doubles, tri-singles and mixed tri-super senior doubles, a league she created.

She played on eleven teams in 2008.  Her record is 31 wins/14 losses.

She played in the State Tri-Level Tournament:  1 win/ 3 losses
State Adult Mixed Tournament: 4 wins/ 0 losses
Section Adult Mixed – 1 win/ 3 losses.

Jane has been a local league coordinator in Madison since 2001.  In addition to organizing and supervising her own league, Senior Mixed, sh assists the other Madison local league coordinators to organize or run their leagues.  She helps whenever called upon whether it’s to find playes to fill out a team, send out postcards to prospects, mentor new captains, serve on a league committee, sell t-shirts at the state tournament or work at the tournament desk at Sectionals.

Jane is indespensible.

Her interests are not limited to tennis.  She is a retired astronomy teacher and continues to be active in the Southern Wisconsin Area Physics Sharing organization.

She is treasurer and membership chairman of MAD City Paddlers and volunteers time to the Girl Scouts teaching canoe safety.

She is an avid gardener at her new home outside of Madison.

Jane’s passion, in addition to her husband, Bob, is traveling around the world to witness astronomical events – she leaves on her next trip in a few weeks.