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It is my honor to introduce to you Scott Beyer, the recipient of the WTA Male League/Tournament Player of the Year. He, along with his various teams, has had a phenomenal year. He started off last fall/early this spring playing on a men’s 7.5 Combo team from Manitowoc that won the Midwest Section tournament (no national tournament for combo yet), he captained both a 3.5 & 4.0 Adult Men’s team, with his 3.5 Men’s team making it all the way to Sectionals this summer. He also is the captain of the Adult Mixed Doubles 7.0 Mixed Up team, which won the Midwest Section Championships and will be heading to Orlando in a couple weeks to the Eastern Regional Championships.

Scott has played in USTA leagues for several years. He started playing in the Madison area in 1995, then moved to Milwaukee and played for a couple years there, then moved to the Neenah area and has played and captained teams from 2006-2008. In 2007 both his 3.5 Men’s & Mixed Doubles teams made it to State and this year was able to take that next step with both teams.

I’ve known Scott for a couple years now, but only thru tennis, so this was a really good chance for me to get to know him better. I do know his wife, Deb, who also plays and captains team tennis leagues. They also have a daughter, Anna. But I’ve also found out he’s pretty smart. He has a BS in Chemical Engineering from UW-Madison, an MS in Economics from Western Illinois, a PhD in Finance from the University of Missouri and is currently an associate professor of Finance at UW-Oshkosh. This is especially good for me to know now – because he also has accepted the position of NEL Men’s Coordinator starting next spring.

May I present to you the winner of the WTA Male League Player of the Year Award – Scott Beyer.