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(Page last updated 6/2/08)

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Wisconsin Club Tennis Final Email from Andy Rebhun

My Closing Remarks…

Andy Rebhun

Wisconsin Club Tennis President 2005-2008


Dear Family, Friends, Parents, Team, and supporters of Club Tennis:

I guess this is my first letter as an official University of Wisconsin Madison Alumni. I have had the opportunity over the course of the last 3 years to be the leader of the University of Wisconsin Club Tennis Team. This has been an amazing journey that sadly for me has to come to an end this year. Throughout the course of the last 3 years I have seen a relatively unknown team/ a team that didn’t have a club tennis program transform into a team that is a model for club tennis programs across the country.

This past year has been incredible. I really couldn’t have gone out with much more of a bang. The team won 7 tournaments, was ranked extremely high on a national level, and received an enormous amount of support from the community, friends, and parents. Each of our club tennis road trips had unique memories for those who participated (some crazy fans in Illinois, crazy pizza in Minnesota, the Badger Classic Banquet, cookies at Purdue Noisy Neighbors at Northwestern, countless memories in California and New Orleans and Nationals). We traveled more than ever with trips to California, New Orleans, and Cary, NC . The team has received media exposure from various magazines, newspapers, and the independent tennis network. The team has held numerous blood drives, raised money for the AIDS Network, Relay for Life, and various other organizations. I was humbled to receive awards from the USTA/NIRSA for the Student Tennis Ace Award and from the website collegeclubtennis.com as club tennis president of the year. The club team also won collegeclubtennis.com awards for best tournament of the year, the 3rd annual Badger Classic, Website of the year www.uwtennisclub.com, and most traveled team. All of this couldn’t have been done without the help of various individuals who have been instrumental in the success of this program.

First and foremost I would like to thank Steve Wise at the USTA Midwest Section. I have known Steve since the inception of our program. He has given us the opportunity to expand both our program and our tournament, The Badger Classic. There has been many times where Steve has given me advice on the program which only fueled its success during the last three years. It really has been a pleasure working with Steve and I can’t thank him enough for putting so much faith in both the Wisconsin Tennis Club Tennis Program and me. Steve is a great friend and spokesperson for Wisconsin Club Tennis.

Second, I would like to thank Jeff Dvorak, Director of the Nielsen Tennis Center. Jeff has allowed us the opportunity to continue using the courts for a discount compared to the rest of students who use the courts on campus. Jeff has become one of our largest supporters. Jeff allows us the opportunity to host our huge Badger Classic on an annual basis. Save the date November 7-9, 2008 for the 4th Annual Badger Classic. Jeff has allowed us to showcase our tennis program in the Nielsen Tennis Stadium with a huge trophy case which highlights our accomplishments.

Third, I would like to thank the folks at the USTA National Club Tennis Level. Glenn Arrington and Justin Street do an all around great job of managing and promoting club tennis at the national level. This program has taken off due to these two individuals and a lot of there hard work happens behind the scenes, thus I want to take this opportunity to recognize the countless hours they put to keep this program running. They have helped me with a lot of the big events I run as well as given me a desire to stay involved with club tennis. I may see some of you at nationals next year, hopefully wearing a blue staff shirt.

Fourth, I would like to thank our extremely generous sponsors the last couple seasons. We have been fortunate to form an extremely close partnership with Chipotle Mexican Grill, Dominos Pizza, and Chin’s Asia Fresh. To all those associated with these companies thank you for having faith in our program and me. We would not have been able to fundraise or put on the events that we do without the donations and all the help you constantly provided.

Lastly, I would like to thank the players of Wisconsin Club Tennis. I have tried to stay really strong these past two months because I knew that leaving the team was inevitable. My mom said a quote “don’t cry because its over, be glad because it happened”. You all have given me so much to be thankful for. I couldn’t have done everything I do without the support of each and every one of you. There have been many late nights staying up until 4am trying to prepare for a tournament, solve a problem, fix the website, or do various other club tasks, but I must say I wouldn’t trade in one second of hard work for anything. I have countless memories that I can take away from this experience and so many friendships that will last forever. All of you are truly amazing. I really hope that you all try to stay in touch. Please if any of you ever need anything whether it is a letter of recommendation for a graduate program, job, etc. I would be more than willing to help you out in the process. My cell phone will remain the same (818)264-6144 and you can email me at rebhun@gmail.com or arebhun@ford.com (active beginning Thursday June 5th).

In closing, the Wisconsin Club Tennis program will continue to be one of the best programs in the country. While the leadership of this club is changing next year I have no doubt in my mind that Kevin, Justin, and Dan will do an amazing job. All these individuals have been extremely involved with the program and will help continue to fuel its growth and success. Thanks to the parents who have come out to our dual matches, tournaments, and nationals. Like the rest of our sports at the University of Wisconsin our club tennis team has a huge following. It has been a pleasure meeting all of you. Thank you for allowing your kids to participate in the program. Thanks to all my close friends receiving this email, you all are so important in my life and have been so supportive of me since day 1.

Players I urge all of you to stay involved with club tennis as much as you can so you can continue to build upon your friendships with teammates and play the sport you all enjoy. You all have a hand in the success of our program and your commitment and dedication is so important for the future.

I love you all and thank you once again for giving me this opportunity it has forever changed my life.

Badgers on 3. 1……2………3……… BADGERS!