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Grant Opportunities

The Wisconsin Tennis Association is dedicated to the promotion of grassroots tennis programs throughout the State of Wisconsin. Through the generosity of Park and Recreation Departments, Community Tennis Associations, YMCA’s, and the WTA itself, schools and communities have grown tennis programs for nearly two decades. Grant applications are now available on the web site at WTA Recreation Committee Grant Opportunities. For additional information, contact Joan Donner, WTA Recreation & Grants Committee chairperson or the WTA office at 1-262-250-1020.

WTA Grant Application Common Form

Multicultural/Diversity Grant Application Form

Tennis Professional Stipend Application

Note to Grant Recipients:  To receive the 2nd half of your funds, you must complete and send the WTA Grant 2nd Half Report  along with a digital copy of your program receipts to Pam Hammond, Executive Director, pamhammond62@gmail.com.

Recreation Seed Grant (Up to $750)
For non-profit organizations such as Park & Recreation Departments and Community Tennis Associations
to initiate new or innovative tennis programs for all ages, abilities, or disabilities.
March 1
Multicultural/Diversity Seed Grant (Up to $500)
To ensure that the opportunity to experience the educational, health, and other lifetime benefits of tennis is available to a diverse population of players, volunteers and professionals. Grants are available to nonprofit organizations to initiate or expand tennis activities that will increase minority participation.
March 10
Community Tennis Association Grant (Up to $750)
To supplement the expenses of groups organizing new Community Tennis Associations and the promotion and growth of tennis in their communities.
Grow the Game Grant (Up to $750)
To provide funding for Community Tennis Associations, Park and Recreation Departments, schools and other community entities that request additional funding to supplement programming and/or equipment expenses.
Wisconsin Teaching Professional Grant (Up to $250)
For tennis professionals who want financial help to attend clinics or workshops that will improve their teaching skills.

In addition there are several USTA and USTA Midwest Section Grants Available:

Midwest Youth Tennis & Education Foundation

USTA Recreational Grant

The USTA/Midwest Section and Midwest Youth Tennis & Education Foundation offer program grants each year.  Complete details are available below.  Please note the Section and Foundation are separate organizations, and the applications below are reviewed by two different associations.

USTA/Midwest Section and Midwest Youth Tennis & Education Foundation
The USTA/Midwest Section offers individual grants and scholarships each year. Below are a list of current opportunities available to programs and individuals from the USTA/Midwest Section and USTA/Midwest Tennis and Education Foundation

USTA Midwest Grant Information

USTA Grants:

United States Tennis Association Grants
The USTA offers a variety of grants to help grow the game of tennis in many ways. We will post specifics about the opportunities as they come available. Feel free to contact grants@usta.com for further information and questions in the meantime.