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(Page last updated 6/21/06)

Congratulations to everyone on an outstanding weekend!  I'm proud to report that our team finished second in the 12 and under Jr. Davis/Wightman Cup competition.  And more importantly we won the team sportsmanship award.  From top to bottom everyone competed hard and hopefully had fun along the way.  Our final results were as follows:

Northern Illinois: we won 6-3
Ohio Valley: we won 5-4
Northeast Ohio: we won 7-2
Southeast Michigan: we lost 4-5
Chicago: we lost 1-8
Damon Niquet and Aly Coran played #1 for us and both did not disappoint.  Damon won all of his singles matches and Aly came through with a key win in doubles to propel us past Ohio Valley.  Griffin Pils went undefeated for the weekend and teamed with Josh Cogan in leading our team on the court with great intensity and off the court with great team spirit.  Alex Jesse, Sophia Lococo and our most improved player Karyn Guttormsen played hard and came through with some key victories.  Jessica Tang's on court demeanor was instrumental in our team sportsmanship award.
We ended up in our bracket tied with both Ohio Valley and Southeast Michigan for the top spot.  However, through a tiebreaker (percentage of sets won) we came out on top for the right to play Chicago for the championship.  Going into the finals I felt we had a great chance to win but giving everything we had to get there caused us to come up short.