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(Page last updated 3/19/06)


Philosophy: The philosophy of this format is to have kids participating in tennis as a team sport, having fun with their friends, and learning basic skills.

Ralleyball Rules:
1. The match begins by determining who will receive the ball.
a. The winner of the toss (or racket spin) gets the first toss of the first and third sets.

2. Play is doubles.
a. The first 2 players for each team take the court to begin the match. The players will line up parallel to each other, one on
the deuce side and one on the add side. Beginners should start at the service line, while more advanced players can move back to the baseline.
b. The remaining players should line up along the sideline.

3. The instructor tosses the ball to the players to begin the point (for beginners). Advanced players may serve the ball.

a. The first feed is to the team that won the spin and to the player on the deuce court.
b. Toss a second time to the player if they miss the ball (a second serve)
c. The toss is alternated on every point in a figure-8 fashion. The first feed goes to the deuce court; the feed for the second point goes to the deuce court on the opposite side. The feed is always alternated between teams and players.
d. Players switch sides at the start of the second and third set. Please see the following page for more instructions.

4. Players begin to rally the ball.
a. Every time the ball lands “in” (doubles alleys count) that team is awarded one point.
b. A point is awarded to the team who receives the feed if they return that feed, in court, even if the opposing team hits a
ball in the air and/or that was obviously going out of bounds.

5. The rally continues and points accumulate until someone hits into the net or out of bounds.

6. When either player from a team misses the shot, both players from the team leave the court and are replaced by the next two players from the team.
a. This process should continue throughout the match.
b. Players need to be in pairs and ready to take the court at all times during the match.

7. The team that wins a point can play one more point before being replaced by the next two players, regardless of whether or not they win the second point.

8. The sets are timed.
a. There are three, ten-minute sets in each match.
b. Time is kept running at all times during the set.
9. The winner is the team who has scored the most points in the match.
a. The points for all 3 sets are combined for each team to determine the total.
b. In the event of a tie score, there will be a one-rally tiebreak. There will be a spin to determine who receives the toss for
the tiebreak.

Used with the kind permission of the North Carolina Tennis Association, USTA Southern Section  Part of e-mail below: