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Competition Training Center

The Wisconsin Tennis Association (WTA) has redesigned the Competition Training Center (CTC) returning to the original structure as an “invitation only” excellence program for Wisconsin’s best junior tennis players.

The program will be directed by USPTA Master Professional Jay Massart with help from WTA Jr. Development Chairman, Chip Liefert.  The program, which will be developed with the assistance from the USTA’s National Player Development staff, will include the latest in high performance instruction, strategy, mental toughness training, fitness, video analysis and match play evaluation. It will also include one-on-one parent conferences to discuss goal setting and progress.

This program has been developed to guarantee that each child receives the maximum amount of individualized attention.   A limited number of players will be invited to participate.

The divisions are:
1.10 and Under
2.Ages 11 - 14
3.The World Team Tennis Championship Division, ages 15 - 18. 

Judy Veloff, District Junior Coordinator

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