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WTA Tennis




(Page last updated 1/28/09)



Goal: to ensure that the opportunity to experience the educational, health, and other lifetime benefits of tennis is available to a diverse population of players, volunteers, and professionals.

Timeline (updated 1/09)

January Update the application form for current year and email copy to WTA webmaster or office. Meet with committee to see if there are suggested changes to the form. Use January meeting, either in person or conference call, to decide the committee’s goals for the year.




Collect Applications in file as they arrive. In mid-month, send reminder notice to committee so they can remind applicants in their areas of the due date. Find a common time for the committee to have its grant review and award meeting. Ask WTA ED to set up the teleconference if needed.


March or early April


Meet by conference call or in person to decide on grant recipients and amounts. If it is a teleconference meeting, have a committee member copy all applications and send a packet to each committee member for their review before the meeting.




Write a letter to each grant recipient notifying them of the grant. Send check request forms to the WTA office to issue 1st half of grant award.




Send reporting form to each grant recipient to determine success of the proposed program and needed amount of 2nd check. As responses come back, send check request forms and receipts to the WTA office.




If there is money left in fund and requests come in later in the year, committee will consider them through email discussion.
Committee members should try to identify new organizations who could benefit from tennis grants & programs. These names and their contact information can be collected during the year for use the following January.


Prior to or at Annual meeting time in November Discuss summary of current year, issues that need to be addressed, goals and budget needs for the following year, report to be turned in to WTA, and any issues that should be presented to the Midwest Multicultural Committee.



  • The Committee Chair or Supervising Officer will report to the Management Committee as new decisions occur.
  • Committee members are expected to be active in supporting programs that serve under-served populations in their individual communities.
  • Committee will try to actively recruit minority members both for this committee and to recommend for other WTA committees.
  • Committee will nominate individuals and groups for WTA awards when appropriate.

Updated: 1/28/09