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USTA Midwest Section/Wisconsin District

Multicultural Participation Committee (WTAMPC)

2004 Grant Application Form

The Multicultural Participation Committee’s (MPC) objective is to ensure that the opportunity to experience the educational, health, and other lifetime benefits of tennis is available to a diverse population of players, volunteers and professionals. Grants are available to help nonprofit organizations initiate or expand their tennis activities that will increase minority participation.

Grant Guidelines:

· Grant amounts generally range from $200 to $1000. Introductory summer programs should try to limit their requests to $500. Year-round developmental programs will need more money due to indoor court costs.

· For requests over $500, grant amounts should be matched by at least 20% of funds from other sources.

· The program must be nonprofit.

· Grant money is not to be used to reimburse regular staff or any person on full-time salary with the organization submitting the request. The first half of the grant amount will be issued in April. The second half will be distributed after a program evaluation with receipts is submitted. Unused funds must be returned to WTAMPC.

· WTAMPC encourages grant requests for both start-up and continuing programs for adults or youth.

· Funds may be used for instructor costs (maximum of $20.00/hour for head instructor, $12.00/hour for assistants), reasonable publicity costs, and other costs, such as court fees or balls, relating to the program. Grant funds should not be used for items such as permanent facilities upgrades or banquets

· Availability of funds varies each year depending on the Committee’s budget, the merit and clarity of the description of the program for which funds are requested, and the number and extent of the requests.

· Grant applications must be forwarded to the WTAMPC at the address below by March 1, 2004. Applications received by March 1 will be processed first. Requests after March 1st will be processed provided funds are still available.

If you have additional questions, please call or email Glorianne Mather,WTAMPC chair, at 414-540-0209 or matherg@matc.edu Submit all applications to:

Glorianne Mather, WTAMPC

430 West Acacia Rd.

Glendale, WI 53217

Wisconsin Tennis Association/Multicultural Participation Committee 2004 Grant Request

Sponsoring Organization Name: _____________________________________________________________________

Person making the application: _____________________________________________Date: ____________________

E-mail address: __________________________ Work Phone: _________________ Home Phone: ________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________________ State: _____________ Zip: _______________________________

Please attach a brief narrative of the proposed program including program name, target audience, location of the program, number of expected participants, length of program, number of hours of program, starting date, ability and age level of those to be served. If this is a continuing program, please include flyers, program information from last year. If your organization has other existing tennis programs, please provide a brief summary of them or send a brochure on tennis or overall programs.

How will this program improve multicultural participation? You may include this answer as a paragraph in your narrative or write it here. ___________________________________________________________________________

USA Tennis Programs your organization is involved with (please check)

NJTL _____ USA Tennis _____ USA Team Tennis _____ Other ________________________None __________


Other grants applied for this year for this program: __________________________________________________________________

Non-profit Status: By making application for WTAMPC funding, I (we) certify that we are a not-for-profit organization and that no part of such funding shall inure to the private benefit of any person, but will be used to administer or conduct the tennis program(s) described in this application. I (we) agree to refund to the WTAMPC any/all unused funds remaining after the completion of the program and to complete a brief report of the program after its conclusion.

Signature of responsible official, title, date

**Estimate of Program Budget:

Income: (estimated)

Fees: Number of participants _____ x $_____ (fee per participant) = $ __________

Budget support from sponsoring org., rec. dept, or other = $ __________

TOTAL INCOME (1) = $ __________

Expenses: (estimated)

Staff: Head Instructor _____ total hours x $ _____per hour = $ __________

Asst. Instructor (s) #_____ x _____ total hours x $ ____ = $ __________

Publicity Flyer/Brochure/Newspaper = $ __________

Other expenses (list in detail) ______________________________

______________________________________________________ = $ __________

TOTAL EXPENSES (2) = $ __________

Income Over/(Under) Expenses: (1) – (2) = $ __________

Amount of Grant Request = $ __________