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USTA/NRPA Tennis in the Parks Deadline Extended

March 21, 2005 09:09 PM

USTA announces an additional $1.5 million to support public tennis facility enhancements and construction

The United States Tennis Association announced the release of $1.5 million additional funding to support public tennis facility enhancements, renovations and new construction projects at their annual meeting last weekend in California.  Specifically, USTA will fund up to 20% for renovation and new construction for public tennis facility projects meeting guidelines developed by a task force comprised of USTA volunteers, staff and park and recreation professionals.

These public tennis facility funds will be awarded in three grant cycles during 2005.  The first step to being considered for a public tennis facility matching grant will be to complete the USTA/NRPA Tennis in the Parks Assessment by May 1, 2005.  All communities ranking facilities as their highest priority in the assessment will then receive instructions regarding the grant program levels and requirements.

Communities that completed the USTA/NRPA Tennis in the Parks Assessment prior to February 14th have already been notified of their top ranking priority.

For those ranking  facility renovation or new construction as their top priority, notification  will be forwarded soon regarding the public tennis facility grant  guidelines.

For all those ranking  one of seven other priorities, you already have been notified of your grant  eligibility.  You may re-submit for public tennis facility enhancement,  renovation, or new construction during Round 2, but you must complete the full  assessment once again.

To complete the online assessment to participate in the USTA public tennis facility matching grant program click here <http://www.nrpa.org/content/default.aspx?documentId=907>

Please forward all questions to programs@nrpa.org