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Email from a happy mom

June 27, 2006 02:56 PM
I wanted to thank the WTA for its support of the Wisconsin Davis/ Wichtman Cup 12s team. 
Our 12s team did very well under the expert coaching of John Larsen and his assistant Dana Larsen.  I travelled to Detroit-Novi, Michigan to watch my son Damon Niquet and the team compete.  This is our second year of participation in this tournament and can say that it is such a great opportunity to play team tennis (like the college players) against very competetive players.
I have sent an e-mail to the USTA Midwest Office complimenting the tournament officials for the great job they did running the tournament.
As you may already know, our team finished second in the tournament and got the sportsmanship award.  This would not have been possible without the leadership of our coach.  John Larsen is so highly respected by his team players, and his knowledge of the game, organization and communication skills led the team to success.  We are very lucky for John's involvement and leadership in Wisconsin's team tennis program.
Again, we are thankful of the WTA's sponsorship of this excellent program.
Please forward this e-mail to anyone who would appreciate this feedback.
Noelle Muceno