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WTA 2007 Tournament Schedule is now posted on the website

December 30, 2006 04:23 AM

The Management Committee and Board of Directors voted to forgo the printing/mailing of the 2007 Tournament Schedule (including Rules & Regulations, Ranking Requirements, and Junior Points Per Round) this year.  In light of all of the modern technology at our disposal, and in an attempt to better serve our members, we have posted the 2007 Tournament Schedule in its entirity, as well as in individual, smaller file size PDF, for your convenience.  You will find the 2007 Tournament Schedule etc on the following web pages:

1.  Adults/Seniors - Tournament Schedule; 2.  Juniors - Tournament Schedule; 3. Tournaments - (Home Page); 4. Tournaments - Adults; 5.  Tournaments - Juniors; 6.  Tournaments - Rules/Regulations; 7.  Juniors - Rankings

Note:  You can open, view, copy/paste, or print any/all of the 2007 Tournament Schedule.  If this is a problem for anyone, please call the WTA Office at 1-800-WIS-TENN.  Thanks for helping us get into the technology age.  We would greatly appreciate any/all feedback, comments, or kudos. Just send us an e-mail.  Hope each of you has a great 2007 Tournament Season!

All Junior Tournament Players

There are two new closed tournaments in 2007. One in Spring and One in Fall. Please go to the Junior tournament schedule for the details and sign up early.