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USTA Tennis Service Reps “Hit the Road” around the Country

January 16, 2007 03:00 AM

The United States Tennis Association, in partnership with its 17 sections has a new resource available for communities and towns across America.  Ninety Tennis Service Representatives (TSR’s) have “hit the road” and are contacting or visiting tennis facilities, clubs, parks, and schools in your local area. 

The primary goal of the Tennis Service Representative team is to identify opportunities to work with tennis professionals, park & recreation managers, and community leaders in an effort to attract and retain more tennis players.  Through these collaborative efforts, the USTA hopes to expand opportunities to those who already play and bring the fabulous sport of tennis to people who have never picked up a racquet and enjoyed the lifelong health benefits of the game. 

The USTA supported national sales & service force for TENNIS, the TSR’s, are committed to identifying and providing the best solutions to customers needs and opportunities.  Through September 30, 2006, Tennis Service Representatives have made over 9302 visits to facility types and have met with over 26,000 tennis professionals, park directors, school teachers, and other local tennis leaders.  Customers rate the value of their TSR visit at an average of 4.71 on a scale of 1 to 5.  Since starting the position in May 2006, Erika Wentz, the USTA/Midwest Section Tennis Service Representative for Wisconsin has made 106 facility visits and 372 face to face contacts with area tennis leaders.  

The TSR is available to support a facility that wants to add or expand a program that will in turn increase the number of tennis players staying in the sport.  In partnership with the facility, the TSR can explore and access a variety of local, sectional and national resources that can be used to grow or to develop programs.  These resources might include USTA funded initiatives, promotional and marketing support, funding from the private or public sector and programming initiatives which have been developed by USTA partners.

Your TSR will be contacting facilities and traveling around Wisconsin in the coming weeks to better understand the needs and objectives of each community.  In the meantime, please feel free to contact your representative.

Erika Wentz
Tennis Service Representative-Wisconsin
USTA/Midwest Section
(P) 317-333-3556
(E) Erika@midwest.usta.com