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August 7, 2003 01:15 AM

Beginning in August tennis enthusiasts in Wisconsin will have the opportunity to play in the USTA/Midwest Section newest adult program – USTA/Midwest Section Combo Doubles, joining Senior Mixed Doubles and Super Seniors as the third adult recreational program offered by the USTA/Midwest Section.  USTA/Midwest Section Combo Doubles is a program that is perfect for former or new tennis players who are interested in being part of the camaraderie of team tennis and the excitement of local competition.  It is easy to join: players without NTRP verifications or computer ratings may self-rate according to the NTRP guidelines. One of the best features of USTA/Midwest Section Combo Doubles is that players of varied ability levels can play on the same team.  For example, a veteran player who has an NTRP rating of 4.5 can pair up with his/her 3.0 friend at the 7.5 level.  Adult Levels of play are 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5. Senior Levels include 6.5, 7.5 and 8.5. Players who are new to the program can determine their playing level based on the NTRP guidelines.


The USTA/Midwest Section, a volunteer, non-profit organization responsible for promoting tennis as a healthful means of recreation, is composed of five states and 72,000 members.  The USTA/Midwest Section is one of the 17 sections in the USTA, the official governing body for the sport.

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In January, 2003 the idea of Combo Doubles was introduced to our 14 Local League Coordinators for USA League Tennis.  Several individuals felt this was the perfect solution to offering more league play to the thousands of tennis players in Wisconsin who don’t ordinarily compete after August 1st.  Equally important was the opportunity to form doubles teams with partners of different NTRP levels, many of whom are friends but have never had the chance to play together.  With that in mind, the Coordinators went back to their areas to promote this new league. Today, Wisconsin proudly has over 500 registered players ready to compete in the first Combo Doubles League in the Midwest Section.


Judy Schmitz, Co-Coordinator of the Greater Milwaukee League is excited to add this new program for her players.  “The Combo League has exploded like fireworks,” she said.  “With over 300 teams in the GML, we need to finish our Adult, Senior, and Super Senior Divisions by the end of July in order to complete the Area (local league) Championships.  The GML sends 24 flight representatives to the State Championships in Madison, August 8-10, leaving 275 teams finished playing league tennis for the summer.  Combo fills the ‘What am I going to do now?’ tennis void.  Currently, GML Men and Women have 325 registered players and expect to reach 425 very soon.”  It is safe to say, “The Combo Doubles League has found a home in Southeast Wisconsin.”


Judy Veloff, and Kevin Hill, Coordinators for the Madison Area Leagues are equally excited about their 125 players who are registered, including several in the Senior Combo Doubles Division.  Audrey Kader, La Crosse and Eric Volcheff, Manitowoc look to start their leagues in a few weeks, with over 50 players registered thus far.



Are you signed up for Combo Doubles yet?  If not, contact your Local League Coordinator and don’t miss out on latest USA League Tennis Program, COMBO DOUBLES!




Nancy Massart

Wisconsin District League Coordinator

USA League Tennis