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June 30, 2007 07:10 PM

If you are a competitive tennis player, enjoying league, club or  recreational tennis  program competition,  reaching  the age of  50,  or even a 100  as of  Dec. 31, 2007, there is a great  opportunity available for you from the 5th to the 16th of September. That  is participation in Wisconsin Senior Olympics and the Senior Olympics Tennis Tournament (Sept. 14-16)  in particular. 

You may have been participating in a number of other sports also and, surprisingly, you may sign up for a limited number of other sports competition as well  for just one general fee (plus a facility fee in a few sports).  Approximately 24 sports are offered,  including golf, disc golf, bowling, lawn bowling, pickleball, shuffleboard, table tennis, track and field, swimming,  archery,  badminton, volleyball, softball,  three on three basketball,  basketball free throw,  horseshoes, racewalk,  racquetball, as well as distance running events and a triathlon.  New events this year are weightlifting-bench press and squat.

Not only is this a tremendous bargain, but for the same general fee you may also enjoy a wonderful opening ceremony and  dinner, scheduled for September 4, free for participants, and at a nominal cost for guests. Each participant also receives a free T shirt.  This can only be offered because of dedicated sponsors. 

Meanwhile, let us direct our attention to the tennis tournament.  This is one of the few age group tennis tournaments left in Wisconsin and it is truly a enjoyable chance to compete against your own age and skill level at both singles and doubles and mixed doubles.  In alternate years, the first and second place medal winners qualify for the National Senior Games.   Wisconsin has done very well nationally and has had many national champions, medal winners, and other competitive players.  However, this tournament is not dominated by superstars but is primarily for those who want to test themselves in  friendly competition.  Where possible, players will play at least two matches, as consolations are usually scheduled.  The tournament will be held at the Pleasant Valley Tennis Club near Jackson, north of Milwaukee.  Please help “Grow the Game” by printing out the brochure and handing it to a fellow player, posting it at your club or organization, or find a partner!   

As a former volunteer director for 12 years  and helper for many more as well as a player, I have made, as you will too, some wonderful contacts with some truly great people from around the state  every  year. Many of the players look forward to playing every year.  Volunteer help is needed to staff the tournament.   Contact Dee Berglin, Tennis Coordinator at  262 689 6822  if interested in volunteering.  Dee is graciously returning as Coordinator after a year’s absence.

Please see the attached flier to see details as to the tournament schedule and registration deadlines or how to obtain the necessary  Senior Olympics Brochure, offering registration forms, and  covering all aspects of the event. 

Many thanks to the Wisconsin Tennis Association, and the WTA Recreation Committee which has supported the tournament for many years in so many ways. 

2007 WI SO State Tennis Tournament Flyer