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August 2, 2007 03:31 AM

The 2007 Senior Olympics were held in Louisville, Kentucky.  Over 12,000 athletes participated in 18 different events at various locations throughout the Louisville area.  The Olympic torch ceremony was held at Churchill Downs. the sight of the annual Kentucky Derby.

Wisconsin was well represented with over 200 of our residents playing a major role in the games.  After qualifying locally,  the athletes, whose ages ranged from 50 through 90, competed for medals in a variety of sports.  i.e.  horseshoes, archery, track and field, softball, swimming, basketball, badminton, tennis and more. 

During the two weeks of competition, a “celebration of athletes” was  held at Freedom Hall in the Kentucky Expo Center.  This consisted of the parade of athletes and delegation flags.  Additionally, the introduction of the 2008 host community of San Francisco was made. 

Two of my long time friends won the 60 Doubles Gold Medal in tennis.  Jim Siegel and Tom Wuethrich are not strangers to the Senior Olympics.  Jim has now won seven(7) medals i.e. 4 gold, 2 silver and one bronze.  He has participated at many different venues including Disneyworld, Florida; Baton Rouge, Louisiana;  Virginia Beach, Virginia; and Louisville, Kentucky.  Tom also has been successful and now has won 4 gold medals at different locations including Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania;  Virginia Beach, Virginia and Louisville, Kentucky.

Jim and Tom represented our state and the Midwest – Wisconsin District with great athleticism and the Olympic spirit.  Jim was pleased to report that “there are many nice people outside of Wisconsin” and that he made many new friends in Louisville.  Jim’s wife, Mary, accompanied him to Louisville and helped the “old fellows” with their successful run through the draw.

By Howard N. Myers