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December 27, 2003 01:39 PM

To:           Lloyd Cook, USPTA - Chair WTA Rec. Committee
Fr:           Rick Luther, Recreation Supervisor
               Baraboo Parks and Recreation Department
Date:       December 2, 2003
Subject:   Cartoon Network Tennis Club Indoor Tennis Lessons-3rd Graders,
              year-end grant follow-up report.

The program was very well received!  While the City of Baraboo did not reach the intended participant or revenue goals, we still offered the program in hopes that it might grow in the near future.  Grant funds were used for instructor payroll, gym (court) rental time, and some administrative-publicity costs.

All of the participants came to nearly every class.  The class met twice a week for an hour over the course of the six week program for a total of twelve hours of lessons.  We used Cartoon Network Scooby-Doo cardboard cut-outs and t-shirts to make a strong positive impression on the children. It worked!

During the last week of class each participant received the full Cartoon Network merchandise kit which included a backpack, water bottle, Scooby bobble head, and indoor tennis ball.  We also gave each participant a new tennis racquet with cover from our Recreation inventory.

The most poignant part of the program was shared with me by Sue Poniatowski my Head Instructor. 

The Mother of one of our participants cried as she told Sue how wonderful the tennis lessons were and how her child, who was not very athletic, had absolutely blossomed as a result of the program.  She went on to say how her children would hardly get out of bed to go to school each day.

This all changed when we handed out all of the Scooby merchandise.  In fact, the children were out of the house one nice morning hitting the indoor tennis balls against the garage door and having a blast playing tennis at 7:00am!

Thanks again to the WTARC!

Editor's note:  Each year, the WTA Recreation Committee awards grants to Park & Recreation Departments and CTA's throughout the state of Wisconsin.  The purpose of the grants is to provide seed money for new or innovative tennis programs.  The normal grant amont is $500.00.  The Baraboo grant is just one example of how a little help,dedication, and caring can go a long way to affecting people and towards promoting the great game of tennis at the grass-roots level.

Thanks Rick for the awesome year-end grant report!