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Wisconsin District Junior Development Openings Announced

February 20, 2008 04:52 AM

The Wisconsin Tennis Association Junior Development Committee is pleased to announce a professional coaching opportunity to train junior players in two developmental programs.  The Junior Development Team and Junior Excellence Team provide junior tennis players the opportunity to enhance their performance and competitiveness and work with strong coaches and leaders.  This paid position, as described below, is available to a coach and assistant coaches able to devote 5 practice sessions from November to March.

For more information and to apply for the position, please contact Chip Liefert, Junior Development Committee Chairman, at 414-312-7793 or cliefert@hotmail.com.  Or contact Linda Freedman, WTA Marketing Coordinator at 414-352-9728 or lssf1@aol.com.     

Junior Development Team (Ages 8-12)

This group focuses on the age range of 8 to roughly 12 years old and juniors that are just below the Area Training Center team.  This group will meet for 2.5 hours a session, from November through March, with a total of 5 practice sessions.  Each session will deal with the developmental areas that they are going through at this age.  Some of these areas will be focusing on fitness, sports science, mental toughness, stroke development and most importantly sportsmanship.  This is also the level that implementing parental education is a priority.  This group will be competing for a very long time and need to develop these areas during their developmental years.

Junior Excellence Team (Ages 15-18)
Bringing the best older juniors to practice together is a component of junior development that is critical with this group.  Once they have gone through the CTC, this will continue to provide the opportunity to continue their development as a group.   The Group will meet for 3 hours a session, for 5 practice sessions from November to March.  Their education will continue with the latest in sports science, fitness, psychology on court, practice, match play, and collegiate tennis preparation.