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Steve Wise's Job Changes

April 20, 2004 11:52 PM
Hello everyone,
As you may already know, I am working with the USTA/Midwest Section as the Collegiate Coordinator, and have been in this role since 1999.  While I am involved with the Wisconsin Tennis Association as a liaison and work with the committees, I will no longer be the point person for CTA workshops, instructor trainings, clinics, in-services and assemblies, park and rec workshops, and other Community Development tasks in the Wisconsin District.  While I will continue to do some of these tasks on a limited basis,  I have included names of contacts at the Midwest office that you may contact for more information:
Schools:  Shelly Kindig Bugg,  shelly@midwest.usta.com,
Parks and Recreation, Special Populations/Wheelchair:  John Cayton, cayton@midwest.usta.com,
Multicultural Participation, officials: John Meldrum, john@midwest.usta.com,
Community Development, CTA's, NJTL:  Jeff Giles, jeff@midwest.usta.com ,
Adult/Senior Competition: Susan Courtright, susan@midwest.usta.com,
Adult Recreation/Adult USA Team Tennis:  Donna Owens, donna@midwest.usta.com
Collegiate: Steve Wise: steve@midwest.usta.com ,
Leagues:  Peg Hanna:  peg@midwest.usta.com,
USA Team Tennis (youth):  Chad Docktor, chad@midwest.usta.com ,
If I can help you in any way please give me a call or send me an e-mail!
Kindest Regards,

Steve Wise, USPTA/PTR
Collegiate Coordinator
USTA/Midwest Section
262-284-1708 (fax)