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Wisconsin Tennis Players Excel at National Senior Games

August 29, 2009 03:20 PM

Wisconsin can be proud of what is believed to be the highest ever medal count and the high level of competition accomplished by the state's tennis players in the National Senior Games championships held this August at Stanford University. Out of 803 tennis players from the U.S., our state had 37 representatives who qualified to compete in the Nationals last September in the Wisconsin Senior Olympics tennis tournament. Tennis is only one of 22 events in the state competition which is for 50 years of age and above. This year's state championships will be held Sept. 4, 5, 6 at the Moorland Park Tennis Center. Carl Tyggum is the Tennis Coordinator. Next fall will be the qualifying event for the next National Senior Games. www.wiseniorolympics.com

Wisconsin's medal winners were as follows: Gold Medalists included Howard Meyers/Tom Wuethrich, MD 65-69; Debbie Burgess/Lori Fahrenholz, WD 50-54; Elizabeth Barnhill, WS 60-64; and Elizabeth Barnhill/Sherry Ploor, WD 60-64. Silver medalists were: Deborah Burgess, WS 50-54; Lori Fahrenholz/ Daniel Oliver, XD 50-54. Bronze medalists were: Donna Neuber/Rick O'Connor, XD 60-64.

Other notables were: Donna Neuber, fourth in WS 60-64; Harry Stoebe/ Carl Tyggum, Consolation Champs in MD 70-74; Carole Mueller/ Joanne Williams, Consolation second, WD 55-59; Robert Goldman/Rob Longwell-Grice, Consolation second, MD 50-54; Frank Detloff/Don Pardee, Consolation fourth, MD 55-59; John Kangas/Greg Venci, Consolation sixth MD 55-59; Connie Mueller/Andrew Haynes, Consolation sixth, XD 55-59.