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Wisconsin Tennis Association Trivia Contest - Win a Case of Tennis Balls!!

February 3, 2010 09:22 PM

Wisconsin Tennis Association Trivia Contest photo
Welcome to the Wisconsin Tennis Association Trivia Contest. Peruse our updated web site and submit your answers to the questions along with your name and telephone number to the WTA marketing department at lfreedman@wisconsin.usta.com. Correct entries will be submitted in a drawing for a case of tennis balls and must be received by March 1.

1. Who is the new president of the Wisconsin Tennis Association?

2. The Wisconsin Tennis Association announces new email addresses for all staff. What are the new email addresses for Nancy Massart, Executive Director, Judy Veloff, USTA District League Coordinator, Christy Etten, USTA Jr. Team Tennis District League Coordinator?

3. The Wisconsin Tennis Association is now accepting applications for community grants to grow and support tennis programming. What is the due date for grant applications?

4. The Wisconsin Tennis Association is the governing body of all USTA tennis play in the Wisconsin District and has guided tennis activities for how many years?

5. The Wisconsin Tennis Association offers USTA League tennis for adults of all ages and abilities. What is the new minimum age to participate in USTA Adult League play?