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WTA Tennis




Whether you are new to the game of tennis or a seasoned pro, the Wisconsin District is home to a wide range of organized leagues and programs to pursue the sport. Children as young as 6 years old to “Super Seniors” at 60 , all have plenty of opportunities to enjoy a sport for a lifetime.

Here are just a few of the many programs for organized tennis in your community:

Midwest Youth 10 and Under – This youth program is designed for those children ages 6 through 10, who are new to the game of tennis. It organizes co-ed teams divided by age (6, 8, 10 and Under) for a 6 to 8 week season. Similar in design to Little League Baseball, there is one practice and 1 “competitive” match per week. It uses a Quickstart tennis format which gets players started on a scaled-down court using age-appropriate racquets and balls. For more information or to find a program near you, contact Judy Veloff.

Tennis on Campus – Are you a college or university student looking for The USTA Tennis on Campus program is designed to promote and develop the growth of recreational tennis on college campuses. There are programs on more than 500 campuses nationwide and X in the state of Wisconsin alone. Whether you are looking for social tennis fun at the local level or want to aim your sights higher toward national championship opportunities, this is the league for you. Click here for more details.

USTA Jr. Team Tennis – This program is for the junior tennis player, age 6-18, who is looking to advance their tennis skills and play in a more competitive environment. It connects kids together in teams to play singles, doubles and mixed doubles against other teams within a league, while also promoting social skills and a spirit of team play. Beginner, intermediate and advanced teams are available.  For more information, contact Judy Veloff .

USTA Adult League Tennis - This program is for the adult player, age 18 and over. It is the country’s largest recreational tennis league with over 325,000 members and encourages adults at all levels of ability and experience to get on the court, have a good time, and step up their game in an organized team format. There are three national divisions – Adult, Senior and Mixed Doubles, and other league opportunities including Super Senior (60 ) doubles, Mixed Senior (age 50 and over) and Combo Doubles. For more information, contact Kate Carroll.

USTA Flex Leagues - USTA Flex Leagues are specifically designed to help you fit tennis into your busy life! You decide whether to play singles or doubles at whatever time is convenient for you. The Flex League format groups players of similar ability together in an organized seven to ten week league that allows participants to schedule matches on their own terms. Flex Leagues can be either singles or doubles, all organized by NTRP ratings, ensuring fair and competitive matches.

USTA Wheelchair Tennis - Wheelchair tennis players can participate in local wheelchair programs, wheelchair tournaments from the local to the international level, and integrate into local able-bodied programming.  Tennis promotes good health, socialization, and fun for all players.  Wheelchair tennis simply creates that avenue for any tennis player with a permanent mobility disability. Contact Jackie Egelhoff for more information.