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(Page last updated 6/12/08)

Sometimes you just want to hit a few tennis balls, but can't find anyone to hit with.

Sometimes you are visiting an area and would like to play a set or two of tennis, with someone of your skill level.

Sometimes you move from one area to another and would like to find a player or two, or maybe a league to join, and just don't know where to start.

These pages, as we build them, will attempt to help you with your  tennis needs.

A good place to start, for now, is the Tennis Welcome Centers website.  Just type in your zip code and follow the links or call the number listed on the search results.

Or, you can contact our Executive Director and he may be able to give you a contact person in the city/town that you are interested in finding a player or two.  800-WIS-TENN is the toll free number to call.

Please click on "Find a Player Near You" for a list of ideas to help you connect with a tennis player/match.