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(Page last updated 6/12/08)

WTA Recreation Committee Grant Opportunities (pdf) 14kb

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“The Wisconsin Tennis Association-Recreation Committee, nearly a Generation of Service”

This year in 2008 the WTA-RC will be in its 18th year of service to tennis players in Wisconsin. The Recreation Committee mission has been quite simply to promote grassroots tennis throughout the State of Wisconsin. The WTA established the Recreation Committee in 1991. To date the RC has awarded in excess of $135,000.  This amazing amount of tennis generosity has benefited Parks and Recreation agencies, Community Tennis Associations, YMCA’s and other groups for nearly two decades. 

Mel Wade and Fred Jungers were the original founders of the RC and are still involved today. Lloyd Cook served as Chair of the RC for many years, and then I took over several years ago. The City of Oconomowoc was one of the first communities to be awarded RC funds in 1991 and it has to be extremely gratifying to the WTA in general to see Oconomowoc’s recent, amazing tennis expansion. Linda Freedman, WTA Marketing Director had a great deal to do with their success so you can see that there is a long line of interconnectivity that binds the continued success of the RC to the many agencies and groups who have benefited from the various RC partnerships.

One of those partnerships is with the Wisconsin Park and Recreation Association. The WPRA is comprised of approximately 1,600 members representing State, County, Municipal, Resort and Commercial Recreation, and other agencies as well as members of the vast Parks and Recreation business community. While basically autonomous, it is a subset of the National Recreation and Park Association. NRPA has been in a phenomenal partnership with the USTA since 1998. The WPRA has been a member of the WPRA since 2004. 

The latest tennis promotion explosion has been the “Tennis in the Parks” or TIP Program. USTA research identified a few years ago that nearly 70% of all tennis in America is played on public tennis facilities owned by Parks and Recreation Departments and School Districts. The TIP Program provides grant funding and other services provided by the USTA and is administered by NRPA staff members. There are internal partnerships at work as well. Baraboo, Reedsburg, Sauk-Prairie, and Wisconsin Dells were recently awarded a $4,000 Middle School Challenge Grant through the USTA School Tennis Program and the USTA TIP Program. Baraboo has been a TIP community since the Program began and is the administrator of the $4,000 in grant funds and the tennis programming. Baraboo has received a total of $24,000 in tennis facility and program grants over the past several years. 

These national partnerships have been a major factor in the recent tennis “upswing” in fact tennis is one of only two sports in the country that has grown 8.3% over the last eight years. The tie between the USTA, the Midwest Section, the WTA, and the WTA-Recreation Committee has certainly been strengthened by all of these tennis partnerships. The success of the WTA-RC is shown by the examples of tennis facility and program growth for two recipient agencies, Oconomowoc and Baraboo. 

From Oconomowoc in 1991 to Oconomowoc in 2008 the benevolence of the WTA, the WTA-RC and the individual Chairpersons and Committee members will shine brightly for years to come!

Rick Luther
WTA-Recreation Committee, Chair
Baraboo Parks and Recreation Department, Recreation Supervisor
Baraboo Hills Community Tennis Association, Inc., President
USTA/Midwest Section Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Committee, Member

USTA RCW & Local Tennis Instructors’ Workshops

Free 2-hour Tennis Instructors' Workshops  held in Green Bay, LaCrosse, and Eagle River

USTA RCW’s 6-hour workshops  held in Milwaukee and Madison

The committee decided that a "seed grant" program, aimed at Recreation Departments in Wisconsin would help local recreation departments to implement new or innovative tennis programs. In 1991, the committee awarded $859 in grants to:

   Monona Parks & Rec - $289.00
   Nicolet Rec - $200.00
   Oconomowoc Park & Rec - $370.00

The WTARC committee members include:
   Pam Dwyer (Supervising Officer)
   Rick Luther - Chair
   Joan Mohr
   Bob Burrington
   Brian Egelhoff
   Jackie Egelhoff
   Gerald Heck
   Chip Liefert
   Joyce Tessiatore
   Mel Wade
   Linda Freedman – WTA Marketing & Promotions Liaison

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The NRPA plays a huge role in promoting tennis across the country in their partnership with the USTA.


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