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Tennis Recreation Newsletter 2004 – Get In The Game!
A Publication of the USTA/Midwest Section/Wisconsin District (WI Tennis Association)
Recreation Committee (WTARC)  May 27, 2004- Lloyd Cook, USPTA – Editor

In this issue

WTA Offers Rebates
Tennis Instructors’ Workshops
Senior Olympics
Tennis in The Parks Grants
Wheelchair Tennis in Wisconsin
Seed Grant Program Update
Steve Wise Job Changes
Message From the WI USPTA President Scott Ansay
WI USPTA Junior Circuit

WTARC Mission

Quite simply, our mission is to promote grassroots tennis throughout the state of Wisconsin. To accomplish this goal, the WTA established the WTARC in 1991. Since that time, the WTARC has awarded in excess of $69K in seed grants to Rec Departments throughout the state. In 1999, the Rec Committee added seed grants for CTA’s in the state. 2 were awarded in 1999; 3 in 2000, 2 in 2001, 4 in 2002, and 6 in 2004.

Wisconsin Tennis Association Offers Rebates For Two Programs

Wisconsin District Park & Recreation Programs are invited to apply for funding for two programs approved by the WTA at its March Management meeting.  Both are intended to encourage youth teams to register online for USA Team Tennis or Ralleyball programs.  This is the first year that a $15 USTA membership is required of players in over-12 leagues.

1.        WTA will rebate coaches / organizations $5 per player for up to 10 players per team after their rosters are turned in to and approved by their league coordinator, and submitted by the coordinator to the WTA office.  Players must be registered online by August 1st to qualify for the rebate.  Summer programs of USA Team Tennis are encouraged to apply for this funding.

2.        Ralleyball tennis teams are intended to provide an active format for 6-11 year old tennis players to be combined with tennis lessons.  Teams of 6 players score points each time a ball crosses the net and lands in the court.  After each point, 2 of the 4 players on the court are replaced by teammates.  Balls are fed by parents/coaches.  To promote more Ralleyball programs and fun formats for players of the younger ages, the WTA will refund the cost of Cartoon Network Tennis Kits ($60) to Park & Recs who establish a Ralleyball League of at least 4 teams (24 players).  Ralleyball players also need to be registered online ($2) but do not need to join the USTA.  The 4 rosters will be submitted to the WTA for reimbursement.  This promotion available to the first 50 requests by clubs or Park & Recs.

For more information on either of these USA Team Tennis Programs, contact John Frausto, Wisconsin District Team Tennis Coordinator at 920-860-0751, john at topspintennis dot com or call the WTA office at 1-800-WIS-TENN, johnj6 at gte dot net.


Tennis Instructors’ Workshops for 2004 include two SIX HOUR “TENNIS INSTRUCTOR/ COACHES DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP”*(see below) and several three hour TENNIS INSTRUCTORS’ WORKSHOPS.

The main purpose of these USTA workshops is to provide the best quality instruction for summer Recreation Department tennis instructional or coaching staffs and for others with an interest in acquiring skills to teach the fine sport of tennis.
The Milwaukee Tennis and Education Foundation and the WTA Recreation committee will offer the 6 hour Coaches Development Clinic in Milwaukee on Sunday, June 6.  The USTA will conduct the clinic with nationally certified trainers. There will be $8 fee, which does not include lunch.

*6 hour Waunakee Workshop Sat. June 5, Sue McDade, smcdade at tds dot net  A $15 fee includes lunch.

The three-hour free workshops will be offered by the USTA/Midwest Section/Wisconsin district and the WTA Recreation Committee as follows:

Eagle River –Sun May 30, 11am-2pm                                                               
Green Bay–Mon Jun 7, 5:30-8:30pm
LaCrosse- Fri June 4, 3:00-6:00pm

See the attached flyers (both sides) for a complete description and signup. These can be used as posters.


The Wisconsin Senior Olympics Board has requested that the Wis. State Senior Olympics tennis tournament return to the fall this year so that it conforms to the time period of the majority of the 19 events for publicity and registration efficiency.

Tennis events are scheduled as follows:
Men’s’ Singles/Doubles SEP 10-11
Women’s Singles/Doubles SEP 17-18
Mixed Doubles SEP 18-19
See the enclosed flier for details. Note: This is a national qualification year.

Mel Wade – WTARC

USTA/NRPA "Tennis in the Parks" grant recipients.

The grant is to be used primarily for hiring a tennis pro to increase/improve the level of instruction in recreation tennis programs. In 2003 hiring a certified pro was required.  In 2004 it is strongly recommended, but not mandatory.

Applications can come from all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.  Winners will have also committed to running USA Team Tennis and hosting or attending a USTA Coaches Training Workshop.

The Baraboo Parks and Recreation Department was the only winner from Wisconsin in 2003, but for 2004 we have been joined by the Merrill Park Tennis Association/Burnham Field (Milwaukee), Janesville Leisure Services, and the Neenah Parks and Recreation Department.

Here are some fun facts:
2004-414 applicants/82 awards
2003-258 applicants/51 awards

In 2004 Agencies from 48 different states were awarded grants:  Wisconsin tied for third with Georgia in number of grants!
CA-7, FL-5, GA-4, WI-4, nine other states had 3 grants awarded.

Rick Luther, APRP, Recreation Supervisor - Baraboo Parks and Rec.
President - Baraboo Hills CTA

USA Wheelchair Tennis Growing in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Tennis Association Wheelchair Tennis has just completed its 13th winter of teaching tennis to children and adults with mobility under the instruction of pros: Jackie Mueller Egelhoff, Barb Mueller and Brian Egelhoff.

The Program has grown larger each year and will be offering lessons again next January through March 2004 and a new summer program. If anyone needs information, please call: 262-242-5634

Submitted by Jackie Egelhoff


In 2004, the WTARC reviewed a record number of grant requests (19) and a record amount requested $10,667. To date, the committee approved $9,722 in grants to:

Ashland Leisure Services
Baraboo Hills Community Tennis Assoc
Baraboo Parks & Rec. Dept
Bellevue Parks & Rec
Brillion Community Center
Burlington Community Ed
Central Wisconsin Tennis Assoc
Fitchburg Parks & Rec
Fort Atkinson Tennis Assoc
Fox Valley Tennis Assoc
Germantown Parks & Rec
Greater Eagle River Tennis Assoc Inc
Jackson Parks & Recreation Dept
Mayville Rec Dept
Mequon Rec. Program - Wheelchair Tennis Summer Program
Milwaukee Public Schools
Port Washington Park & Recreation Dept
South Milwaukee Recreation Dept
Sturgeon Bay Park & Rec Dept

The primary purpose of the “seed” grants is to provide funds for new or innovative tennis programs to Parks & Rec. Departments and now, also, to CTA’s. The grants are normally limited to $500 but occasionally the committee awards larger (or smaller) grants…based on the purpose of the grant program. The grant monies are not available for facilities, trophies, or year-end tennis parties.

Please note that grant monies are also available from the USTA as well as the USTA/Midwest Section. Contact Steve Wise or John Jansky if you need more info on these grant programs.

Steve Wise - Job Changes

As you may already know, I am working with the USTA/Midwest Section as the Collegiate Coordinator, and have been in this role since 1999.  While I am involved with the Wisconsin Tennis Association as a liaison and work with the committees, I will no longer be the point person for CTA workshops, instructor trainings, clinics, in-services and assemblies, Park and Rec. workshops, and other Community Development tasks in the Wisconsin District.

While I will continue to do some of these tasks on a limited basis, I have included names of contacts at the Midwest office that you may contact for more information:

Schools:  Shelly Kindig Bugg,  shelly at midwest dot usta dot com
Parks and Recreation, Special Populations/Wheelchair:  John Cayton, cayton at midwest dot usta dot com
Multicultural Participation, Officials: John Meldrum, john at midwest dot usta dot com
Community Development, CTA's, NJTL:  Jeff Giles, jeff at midwest dot usta dot com
Adult/Senior Competition: Susan Courtright, susan at midwest dot usta dot com
Adult Recreation/Adult USA Team Tennis:  Donna Owens, donna at midwest dot usta dot com
Collegiate: Steve Wise: steve at midwest dot usta dot com
Leagues:  Peg Hanna:  peg at midwest dot usta dot com
USA Team Tennis (youth):  Chad Docktor, chad at midwest dot usta dot com

If I can help you in any way please give me a call or send me an email!

Kindest Regards,
Steve Wise, USPTA/PTR, Collegiate Coordinator, USTA/Midwest Section 262-284-1707, 262-284-1708 (fax)


What year was the WTA founded and who was the 1st President?

WTA Official Web Site Is located at: www.wisconsin.usta.com
We are continually updating the web pages.  Please visit soon.


Greetings to all tennis enthusiasts!!!  I trust everyone had a successful winter and is looking forward to the warm weather ahead to get outside and play tennis.  I would like to take this opportunity to discuss the highlights from 2003 and update you on USPTA activities for 2004.

On November 7-8, 2003 at Pleasant Valley Tennis Club, the Wisconsin High School Tennis Coaches Association (WHSTCA) and the USPTA joined forces to conduct the 2003 tennis coaches’ workshop.  I felt the weekend was a great success, with both high school coaches and USPTA pros leaving with an abundance of excellent information.  With this new forged relationship, this event will continue to grow and become bigger and better every year.  I would first like to thank the WHSTCA for their generosity in allowing the USPTA to be an integral part of the weekend.  Second, I would like send out an additional congratulations to Trude Mihalovich who was recognized as the 2003 USPTA Developmental Coach of the Year.  Trude’s hard work and dedication as high school coach and countless hours of volunteer work to the WHSTCA made her truly deserving of this award.  The final highlight of the weekend was that 15 high school coaches became certified Developmental Coaches.  Dan Moster, USPTA from Indianapolis, came up to Wisconsin to run the 6-hour clinic and I would like to extend my congratulations to all those high school coaches that completed the clinic.

In February 2004, I attended the USPTA Midwest Division Conference in Indianapolis, IN.  The weekend was an extremely successful event with a variety of outstanding speakers and a number of networking opportunities.  I would like to congratulate Brad Seegert on being named the 2003 Wisconsin Professional of the Year.  Brad’s hard work and dedication to high school tennis and countless volunteer hours to the USPTA made Brad an excellent recipient this year.  Congratulations Brad!!
Second, I would like to highlight the conference from my point of view.  A few of the seminar topics included: corrective techniques, large group drills, mental toughness, practicing with pressure, match strategy, and team building concepts.  If you have never been to a Midwest Conference, I highly encourage all professionals to attend a conference.  The event is extremely informative and the networking possibilities are endless.  The conference always comes at a great time in the year.  The winter is getting long and you might be getting to a point where you are starting to grind out lessons.  The conference gives you a little break from the on-court teaching and refreshes and motivates you with new ideas and energy.  After the conference I always look forward to getting back on the court.

During this current year, one of the primary goals for the USPTA is to encourage its members become more involved in activities and connect more with each other.  One idea to help accomplish this task is that each state president will create a Professional NETworking Series.  As a general overview, these events are designed to provide USPTA members and tennis professional’s opportunities to play tennis, socialize and network with fellow professionals.  I am in the process of developing a series of at least four events throughout the year and if possible in different cities throughout the state.  The events will be held on Friday or Saturday night with self-organizing tennis and will be followed by food, drink, and socializing either at the hosting club or at a local restaurant and bar.  If you are interested in participating or hosting one of these events please contact with available dates.  I will have additional information and the 2004 schedule in upcoming USPTA newsletters and emails.

The second big event this year will be the mini-convention including both high school coaches and USPTA members.  The event is scheduled for November 12-13, 2004 in Eau Claire.  As stated above, I felt the event was a great success last year and I want to continue that trend.  From the USPTA aspect, I would like to see even more USPTA professionals attend the convention.  This convention is a great opportunity to network with fellow professionals as well as high school coaches.  With that being said, I am always looking for additional speakers to present seminars at this event.  In addition, if anyone has suggestions on topics or events for the weekend I am always open to additional ideas to make this event as positive for all involved.  I look forward to seeing a number of you at this event.

Finally, to all USPTA professionals, if there are any USTA/USPTA events you are running in your area, I would like to know about it.  Each state puts together a state activity packet that highlights all events that take place in the state during the course to the year.  This packet not only promotes tennis in Wisconsin but individual clubs and programs.  Secondly, if you are looking to become more active in the USPTA and would like to be a state contact, please let me know.  I am always looking to expand my contacts to have a greater representation of the state of Wisconsin.  The more contacts I have the louder our voice can be.

With any of the above items, I am always appreciative of any information.  I can be reached at work (262.241.4250) or by email (scottansay at hotmail dot com). If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at any time.  Have a great summer!!!!

2004 Wisconsin USPTA Junior Circuit formerly: WI USPTA Junior Rookie Tennis Tour

The WI USPTA pros each year organize a series of tournaments intended for entry-level junior tennis players throughout the state. Due to mailing limitations, we have included an abbreviated schedule below.  The entire schedule will be printed in this year’s WTA Guide Book and will also be available on the WTA’s new websites are at: www.wisconsin.usta.com

2004 Wisconsin USPTA Junior Circuit Schedule

Mar 20                     Lake Country Racquet Club
May 8                      Mequon Racquet Club
May 15                    WRC Moorland
June 11-13               Sports Core
June 12                    Mequon Country Club
June 19-20               Milwaukee Country Club
June 26-27               Tripoli Country Club
July 7-8                    Central Wisconsin
July 9                      Oshkosh
July 10-11                Milwaukee Country Club
July 18-20                Western Racquet
July 26                    Beaver Dam
July 24-25                Tripoli Country Club
July 26                    Westmoor Country Club
Aug 2-3                   Waukesha Tennis Assoc
July 30-31                Waunakee / Ripp Park
Aug 1-3                    Manitowoc Tennis Assoc
Aug 2-3                    Tri-City Tennis Assoc.
Aug 20-21                Fox Cities Racquet Club
Aug 13                     Town Club
Aug 14                     Western Racquet Club
Aug 21-22                Milwaukee Country Club
Sept. 11                   Mequon Racquet Club
Oct. 3-4                   Cherokee Country Club
Oct. 9                      Lake Country Racquet
Dec. 26-28               Western Racquet