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(Page last updated 5/30/08)

As described on the USTA website:


Public Facility Grant

The USTA Public Facility Funding Program is extremely competitive.  The need for new tennis facilities or improvements at existing facilities is not, in and of itself, sufficient justification for a grant.  Public Facility Funding Program grants are intended to have a major impact on the growth of tennis in a community and the clients served by that organization.  Our review includes a thorough evaluation of the programmatic, administrative, financial and organizational accomplishments of the applicant.  The USTA Public Facility Funding grant begins with submission of a Tennis Facility Inquiry Form.  This inquiry should be completed online and can be found here.  After review of the Tennis Facility Inquiry Form and initial follow-up conversation with a USTA representative, some applicants will qualify to submit a full USTA Public Facility Funding Application.

National Contact: Shannon Hatton, USTA, Programs Coordinator, (914) 696-7291, technical@usta.com

Grant Amount:
       Category I - up to $4,000 with possible Section or District match
       Category II - up to $35,000 or 20% project total
       Category III - up to $50,000 or 20% project total

Date Apps Available: Varies
Date Apps Due Section: Inquiry is open year round. PFF Applications are accepted from March to October 1st.
Date Apps Due USTA: Spring Deadline: Anytime between March 1st and October 1st
Date Grant Awarded: Grantees are notified within 60 days of submitting an application of grant status.

Please Click Here to go to the USTA Grants website