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(Page last updated 3/16/06)

Finding the tournament to register:

Click on Tournanaments: Find a Tournament (on the USTA/Midwest Section Searchable Schedule page.)

Select a specific district by clicking on the drop down and highlighting one, or leave “Midwest Section” selected to search the entire database.

Input the Tournament ID number, if known.

Refine the search by using one or several of the search options, such as Keyword search, location, or date.

Use the “Currently Registering” Quick search option to find all tournaments whose entry close date is within a 2-week period.

Registering for a tournament:

Click on the Tournament name of the tournament for which you wish to register, to go to the Tournament Home Page.

Tournament Home page - here you will see all of the information about that tournament. Click on the TennisLink Register Now link.

Register player page - enter the USTA number of the person you wish to register for the tournament. The registration system will validate the player’s eligibility and USTA membership status, and will only allow entry into the appropriate events/divisions. If the player is not a member, or the membership is expired, you must apply or renew the membership before you can continue.

Choose event page - verify that the information about the selected player is accurate. If not, follow the instructions to contact the USTA Membership Dept. Then select the events/divisions that you wish to register for, taking note of the message regarding the number of events for which one player can enter. NOTE: if entering a doubles event, you may choose to enter and pay for your doubles partner, or simply select your partner, and not pay, and have your partner come into the system to register and pay for their half of the entry. Continue

Cart Summary page - shows a summary of the entries and the costs. If you wish to edit your entry, or continue searching for another tournament to register, you may click the appropriate button and do so. Otherwise, click Proceed to Checkout.
Credit card page-input the cardholder name, credit card type and number, and expiration date, and the statement mailing address zip code. Then place the order. While waiting for the card to process, please be patient.

Confirmation page - this page requires that the player acknowledge that they must print the confirmation page, or write down the confirmation number. It will be used if the player wants to withdraw or change an entry.