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(Page last updated 3/19/06)

2005 USTA/Midwest Section Suspension Point System 

The USTA/Midwest Section Junior Competition Committee will adopt the following Suspension Point System for 2005. Anyplayer who receives ten (10) or more suspension points during a continuous 12-month period shall be suspended from competing in any USTA sanctioned event held within the USTA/Midwest Section for eight (8) consecutive weeks. 

As a consequence of a suspension, the suspended player shall not be eligible to be endorsed, and any prior endorsement shall be withdrawn to any or all USTA National Championships that require USTA/Midwest Section endorsement that occur during the suspension period.

If no USTA National Championship requiring USTA/Midwest Section endorsement is held during the effective dates of a player's suspension period, then that player shall not be eligible for endorsement to the next USTA National Championship that is held following the expiration of the suspension period.
Point Penalty System: For each violation under the Point Penalty System (USTA Regulation I.P.) (excluding Time Violations for delay between points, after warm-up, after 90-second changeover, after a Set Break), Suspension Points shall be assessed for the following:



In addition to the Suspension Points assessed under USTA Regulation III.A.8.b.i., Suspension Points shall be assessed for the following:


  • Default for a flagrantly unsportsmanlike act on or off the court 8
  • Default for refusal to play or continue to play for any reason other than illness, injury, or personal emergency 5
  • Default because of an adult decision 5
  • Default for no-show 5
  • Default due to later arrival for a match 1
  • Disqualification for ineligibility 3


  • Entering two or more tournaments, matches or exhibitions scheduled to take place at the same time, in whole or in part, unless each Tournament Committee involved approves the multiple entries in writing 5
  • Withdrawal from a tournament (singles or doubles) after entries have closed for any reason other than injury, illness or personal emergency 4

Unsportsmanlike conduct:

  • Unsportsmanlike or inappropriate conduct off court at locations such as the tournament site, hotel or housing 5
  • Not using best efforts to win 2

Gross misconduct:

  • Physical act of violence against another person on or off the court by a player, parent, relative, coach or other person associated with a player 10
  • Illegal use of drugs or possession of illegal drugs 8
  • Possession or consumption of alcohol beverages 8
  • Gambling activity (as defined in USTA Regulation I.N. 18) 8
  • Playing while under suspension Competing in any sanctioned tournament while under suspension by the USTA or one of its Sectional Associations 10
  • Suspension points received at international tournaments. Each suspension point assessed a player by the International Tennis Federation at tournaments not on the National Junior Schedule 1

The following are authorized to file suspension point reports with the referee for offenses they personally witness.  They include: 
Tournament Committee members; Chief Umpire; Deputy Referees; on-court officials (including Roving Officials); Court Monitors (if specifically authorized by the Referee); club or facility mangers; hotel or dormitory managers; families housing players; and player development staff.