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WTA Tennis



MATCH TIME   Sunday   August 10   2003 
8:00 AM    MALT vs LAL   GML-1 vs NEL   GML-1 vs MALT   NEL vs MALT
    3.5M  3.5M  4.0M  4.0 SR W
9:30 AM    GML-2 vs NEL   NEL vs GML   MALT vs GML   MALT vs GML
    4.0M  4.5W  4.5M  5.0M
11:00 AM    GML-2 vs LAL   MALT vs NEL   GML vs LAL   MALT vs GML
    3.5M  3.5M  2.5W  4.0 SR W
12:30 PM    MALT vs NEL   MALT vs NEL   NEL vs MALT   MALT vs NEL
    4.5W  4.5M  2.5W  5.0M
2:00 PM    MALT vs NEL   GML-1 vs GML-2   GML-1 vs GML-2   GML vs NEL
    4.0M  4.0M  3.5M  4.0 SR W
3:30 PM    NEL vs GML   GML vs MALT   GML vs NEL   NEL  vs GML
    4.5M  4.5W  5.0M  5.5 M

All matches are scheduled for the Nielsen Tennis Center, Madison, WI.  Matches will be played
indoors and outdoors. Nielsen Tennis Center has 12 indoor courts and 6 outdoor courts.

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