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To:        Team Captains and Players
From:    Nancy Massart - WI USA District League Coordinator
RE:       2003 Computer Ratings and Appeals

The 2003 ratings for use in the 2004 playing season are now available.

Captains, please be sure to let your players know his/her rating from this past season, even if that person does not intend to play on your team again. All ratings are based on the USTA/NTRP Computer Rating package that analyzes match results from the 2003 season. The NTRP philosophy promotes competitive local play over the pursuit of national titles. The Wisconsin/USA League Tennis program is committed to this philosophy.  

No national benchmark  may be appealed except for medical.  (Medical appeals would be a permanent disabling injury or illness occurring after year-end ratings were achieved.)  All other ratings, including benchmarks through sectionals and mixed doubles exclusive may be appealed.

A player will be notified in writing as to whether the appeal was granted or denied.

NOTE:  NTRP Computer ratings are good for five years or until replaced with a new rating.  An individual must play at or above his or her published rating.

Appeals must be received by Decmeber 31, 2003

Fax your appeal to me at:  262-250-1393. 

Be sure to read the following information as it relates to the new DYNAMIC RATING SYSTEM for the 2004 season:

1. New players (those who do not have a rating prior to 2001) will self rate into the USA League Tennis program using existing NTRP characteristics and their on-court performance against established league players as a guide. Each club or facility may develop their own verification clinics for new players to help them determine their NTRP level.

2. Existing players begin the new season with their end-of-the-year rating from the last season they played. Any computer rating generated from the league year of 2001 will be good for five years or until a new computer rating is generated.

3. System integrity is preserved by computing new ratings for every player daily throughout the league season, up to and including the Sectional Championship tournament. If your “dynamic” rating is clearly above level for your NTRP level three times during the season, you are disqualified from the current level but may move up to the next level. (i.e., a player may begin the 2004 season with an initial rating of 3.5 but the Dynamic NTRP program rates the player at the 4.0 NTRP level three times (clearly above level) based on the player’s match results during the league season. The player is no longer eligible to compete at the 3.5 level but may compete at the 4.0 level or above.) League Coordinators will help a DQ’d player find a new team.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Local USA League Tennis Coordinator in your area.

To view your 2003 rating go to Tennis Link on the left hand side of the page, then Find a Rating on the right.