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(Page last updated 6/19//06)


August 11, 12 & 13, 2006

SITES: Heyer Park, Waukesha - Rain Sites – WRC Moorland, Highlander & Bluemound Elite Clubs. If indoor courts are used, players will be charged a $5 per player per match fee.

MOTELS: No motel/hotel rooms are being held for teams, unless your Local League Coordinator has advised otherwise.

TROPHIES: Eight (8) first place trophies will be given per winning team* and will be awarded immediately upon completion of the division. No trophies will be given to teams not competing at this tournament. If additional trophies for your players are needed you may order them directly from:
NET KNACKS TENNIS AWARDS, INC. 1stPlace…RT Rectangular Tray 8" x 11"
6375 Spalding Drive, Suite H Item - $9.50 each
Norcross, GA 30092
*2.5, 5.0 and 5.5 flights will receive five (5) trophies.
*Senior Men’s and Women’s flights receive six (6) trophies.

PLAYER INFO: A limited amount of water will be available at the courts. Water will not be available on court. Players should bring their own water containers and ice. Teams may want to bring their own coolers with fruit and ice for water and potential injuries. A limited amount of ice will be on hand for injured players. Listed below you will find an information sheet on Heat Illness. Please share this information with your teammates.

No food will be available at the site. Restaurants are a short distance from Nielsen.

SECTIONAL August 18 - 20 for Adults - Indianapolis, IN
CHAMPIONSHIPS: August 25 - 27 for Seniors – Indianapolis, IN
Hotels, meals and transportation costs are paid by the players. Entry fee is paid by Wisconsin Tennis Association.
ELIGIBILITY: Players must be 19 years of age within the calendar year, (50 for Senior League) members of USTA, must have played at least two (2) matches during the local tennis season, have a valid computer rating from any of the following years, 2001 - 2005, or have self rated in 2006

General info 5/11/06

1. USTA League Regulations, USTA rules of play, and Honor Code of Ethics will be observed. USTA Point Penalty System will be used.

2. Matches will be the best of 2 sets, with regular scoring and a set tie-break at 6-all in each set. In the event of split sets, a set or match tie-break shall be played in lieu of a third set with the two minute set break and no coaching allowed. (The tie-break shall be scored as 1 set and 1 game for tie-break procedures.) An alternative scoring method may be used if extreme weather prevails for the weekend. The Coman Tie-break procedure will be used.
3. Teams will be composed of 2 singles and 3 doubles teams, which shall be considered a team match. 2.5, 5.0 and Open Flights will be 1 singles and 2 doubles. Senior matches will be composed of 3 doubles teams. The team winning the majority of those 5 (3 for 2.5, 5.0, 5.5/Open and Seniors) individual matches shall be awarded one (1) team point. The winning team is determined by the total team points. If teams are tied at the conclusion of the championship, the tie shall be broken by the following order: a) individual matches; b) fewest number of sets lost; c) fewest number of games lost; d) head to head (see USA League Regulations, Sec. 3.03, pp. 13-15).
4. Forfeits: The non-forfeiting party will be credited with a 6-0, 6-0 win. (see USTA League Regs, Sec. 3.03J-3.03P pp. 14-15).
5. A 15-minute default period will be enforced.
6. Team line-ups may be fielded in any order and will not be checked for order of strength. Order of strength is encouraged, but not required.
7. A round robin schedule will be used.
8. All serves must be taken prior to the start of the match.
9. Warm-up is limited to 10 minutes.
10. No substitutions of players will be allowed during the warm-up period except for legitimate injury to, illness of, or disqualification of a player, prior to the start of such match, and except under such further circumstances as the championship director may authorize. If the substitution is made during the warm-up, the substitute player is entitled to a five (5) minute warm-up.
11. Wisconsin Tennis Association certified umpires will be in attendance during the championships. Any disputes arising will be settled on the site. Foot faults and conduct violations will be called.
12. Disqualification of an individual/team and/or forfeit of the matches is within the authority of the Championship Director when it is determined that eligibility requirements and/or rules have not been observed.
13. Interpretation of the rules and regulations of the Wisconsin State Championships is within the authority of the Wisconsin State Championship Tournament Director/USTA League District Coordinator, Nancy Massart.
14. In the event that the first place team is unable to compete in the Wisconsin Championships, the second place team may enter.
15. Any team forfeiting an entire team match (5 individual matches) may be sanctioned and have their members become ineligible to compete in any Championship competition within the USTA League program in the league season of 2006. In addition, team members may be barred from competing in their local competition in the 2006 – 2007 season.
16. A $50.00 (fifty) filing fee must be paid prior to hearing a grievance presented by a participating team in the Championships. If the grievance is decided in favor of the team, the $50.00 will be returned.
17. Proper tennis attire must be worn by all participants. Sports bras must be covered by a shirt. Men’s muscle shirts are not considered proper tennis attire.


1. During this tournament, you will be known by the name of the local league you represent. For example: GML – Milwaukee, MALT – Madison, NCL – Stevens Point and Wausau areas, LAL – La Crosse, NEL – Appleton, Fond du Lac, Manitowoc, Green Bay, WC – Wild Card.
2. Players will be held responsible for any damage that occurs at Heyer Park or the co-host clubs.
3. The complete team for the designated match must be in the tournament lobby 45 minutes before each scheduled match. The captain must check in with the tournament director indicating that all team members are available to play. If the line up is not received 45 minutes prior to the scheduled time from the team captain, an official may be called for a team penalty as follows:
1) 1-7 minutes late… one game loss across the board and loss of toss
2) 7:01 to 19 minutes late… 2 game loss across the board and loss of toss
3) 19:01 to 30 minutes late… 3 game loss across the board and loss of toss
4) 30 minutes or more… default of entire team match
4. Changes in your line-up may be made by the captain up to 45 minutes before a scheduled match.
5. Players will be called for their matches, so please stay near the tournament desk. You will be given the score cards with court assignments on them along with the balls. Verify with the opponent(s) what position you both are playing so that we can avoid mix-ups.
6. A 10-minute warm-up will be allowed. All practice serves are to be taken during this 10-minute period. Roving USTA umpires will time the warm-ups and assist with any on-court problems.
7. After the match, complete the scorecard, SIGN IT, and return the card and balls to the desk IMMEDIATELY. This is very important to keep the event on time. Captains must sign the COMPLETED scorecard within 15 minutes after the team match is over.


Albert C. Hergenroeder, M.D.
Division of Adolescent Medicine and Sports Medicine
Baylor College of Medicine
Texas Children’s Hospital
(713) 798-2299

Stay in shade as much as possible when not competing.
Drink minimum 1½ cups of fluids every half hour. Water is the best fluid to drink during competition.
Drink the minimum 1½ cups water about 20-30 minutes before competition. The colder the water, the faster it is absorbed. Athletic drinks may be nearly 5% glucose.
These should be diluted 1:2 or 1:3 with water, since the glucose slows emptying time.
Drink even when not thirsty. Thirst will underestimate needed fluids by half.
DO NOT TAKE SALT TABLETS. They are not only unnecessary, they may be dangerous.

1. “Goose pimples” on chest or upper arms.
2. Headache
3. Unsteadiness or dizziness
4. Nausea
5. Muscle spasms or cramps, Muscle fatigue, Profuse sweating

If the athlete experiences these, competition should be stopped and oral rehydration begun. Consult the trainer or physician.

Dry skin
Rising body temperature
At this stage, the athlete is in extreme danger. The doctor should be consulted immediately and emergency measures begun.

Remember that the effects of competing in hot weather are additive; this means that you are more likely to develop heat illness on the second or third day of competition if great attention is not paid to drinking the necessary amounts of fluid to replace daily losses.

Hotels in the Waukesha Area:

Best Western 262-524-4007 or 524-9300
2840 Granview Blvd., - Exit #293

Best Western Midway 262-786-9540
1005 S. Moorland, Brookfield

Comfort Suites Lake Country 262-506-2000
Exit #294 Hotel is next to Machine Shed Restaurant
and Thunder Bay Grille Restaurant

Marriott West at Hwy 164 262-574-0888
Exit #295

Courtyard Marriott 262-821-1800
16865 W. Bluemound Rd.

Hampton Inn 262-796-1500
595 N. Barker Rd., Exit 297

Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield 262-786-5210
375 S. Moorland Rd.