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This is the time of year when some USA League Tennis players breathe a sigh of relief because the computer has allowed them to play at the same level for another year. Others are unhappy because they were "bumped" up or down or felt they should have been "bumped" up or down.

The ratings process works backwards (trickle down) from the national championships where four semi-final teams are given visual ratings by a team of experienced verifiers representing various USTA sections. Those four teams then become the benchmarks for the other 13 teams at the national championships. By using a combination of visual and computer ratings, each of the players who participated at the national championships is given a rating. These players are called national benchmarks.

The national benchmarks are used to determine computer ratings for everyone who played at the sectional championships. By inputting these national benchmarks into the computer with the results of the sectional championships, the sectional verifiers receive a computer ratings report for every player who participated at the sectionals. The sectional verification team looks at every rating and compares it to the visual ratings recorded at the sectional championships. This is done during the sectional benchmark meeting early in November. In some cases, adjustments are made according to the national guidelines.

The players who participated at the sectional championships become sectional benchmarks. These sectional benchmarks are put into the computer and are used to rate players who participated at the state championships using the process described as above. The state computer ratings are used as benchmarks for our district and/or local championships, again using the benchmarking process described above. The district ratings are inputted into the local league file and ratings are run for everyone in the local league. There is no adjustment process here because there are no visual ratings for local league play.

Every player in the local league who played two or more matches receives a computer rating. Your computer rating is affected by whom you played, who your partner was and how close the match scores were, regardless of whether you won or lost. Your computer rating is not affected by your win/lost record, your position played or your team standing. Anyone who is not a national, sectional, state or district benchmark can appeal his or her rating. Benchmark ratings cannot be appealed unless an administrative error has occurred.

Please remember that computer ratings from the USA League Tennis Program are a guide to show players the minimum level that they should compete at during the next league season.