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WTA Tennis




The WTA is focused on providing and expanding the opportunity to play tennis to as many diverse groups as possible.  WTA members are encouraged to talk to non-profit organizations in their communities and let them know of funding available to grow their tennis programming, and to realize the benefits of the sport and its life changing opportunities. For more information on diversity tennis programs, contact Jay Massart at JayMassart@wi.rr.com

Wheelchair Tennis
Wheelchair tennis is one of the fastest growing and most challenging of all wheelchair tennis sports. To meet this demand, the USTA offers programs geared towards the wheelchair player.  Rules are the same as stand-up tennis, except the wheelchair player is allowed two bounces of the ball. Wheelchair tennis players can participate in local wheelchair programs, wheelchair tournaments from the local to the international level, and integrate into local able-bodied programming. For more information, contact Jackie Egelhoff at jegelhoff@att.net.

Adaptive Tennis
The USTA Adaptive Tennis mission is to provide opportunities to all populations to enjoy the sport of tennis, and to realize the benefits of the sport and its life changing opportunities. Adaptive Tennis’ goal is to promote and develop recreational tennis opportunities for individuals with differing abilities and circumstances through inclusion, knowledge, and support, and by providing, where needed, adaptive programming, equipment, and teaching techniques. 
Tennis benefits both mind and body.  Physically, playing tennis helps to improve balance, mobility, agility, strength, fitness, and to burn calories. Mentally, tennis works on one’s focus, concentration, and reactive and problem-solving behaviors.  Emotionally it can promote self-confidence, instill feelings of success, relieve stress, and provide social outlets to meet new friends, enhance relationships, or experience great family outings.  These benefits are so much more important for those with disabilities, in special life situations, or with special circumstances.
To inquire about an Adaptive Tennis program near you, Click here.