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(Page last updated 9/27/07)

The Rebate program for new or lapsed USTA memberships has expired. Therefore, any rebates RECEIVED by the office after August 31 will not be paid. I have received several rebate forms this past two weeks with the new membership dated in July so I did pay them. However, as of August 31 no more rebates will be paid even if the membership was dated prior to August 1.

A substantial number of our latest Newletters are being returned to the office because of incorrect addresses. You can correct/update your current address by calling The USTA at (800) 990-8782 or go on line at www.usta.com. This will insure that you get all the latest news from the Wisconsin Tennis Association and the USTA.

I received notice from USTA that there is an issue with the renewal process on the USTA's website. If you renewed your USTA membership for more than one year, some memberships state an incorrect expiration date. The USTA us aware of this error and will fix it ASAP.

"I would ask again that if you receive a check from the WTA office, you please cash it as soon as possible to help the office in reconciling the bank account".  Also the office will be closed on Monday July 23, 2007 until Friday July 27, 2007. I will be attending the Executive Director's Meeting at the Midwest office in Indianapolis."

"I would ask all WTA members that are getting a rebate check from the WTA for renewing their USTA Membership, if  they would PLEASE cash it as soon as possible after receiving it. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter". 

"It has come to my attention via a couple of  phone calls that some people are unhappy with the operation of the 2007 Girl's Wisconsin Qualifier. I would encourage ANYONE to email me at johnj@mtc.net with any comments, Good or critical, concerning this event. " 

"I am requesting that people that receive checks from the WATT, PLEASE cash them as soon as it is convenient for you. I have some checks from November 2006 that are still out standing. Thank you for your help in this matter". 

I want to remind all the junior players that are playing tournaments and working towards  a Wisconsin ranking and those players who think they are not "good" enough to play tournaments, to look at the Wisconsin Junior "Closed" tournaments that will be held in May. "Closed" means that only Juniors that live in Wisconsin can play in these tournaments and they are all level three tournaments which means you earn more points for a Wisconsin ranking. See you on the court.

I want to remind all junior tournament players that it is illegal to sign up (enter) for two (2) tournaments that are to be played at the same time. The violation will cost a player five (5) suspension points. 

The Certificates of Ranking have been mailed out . The Juniors were printed first and the adults are going out today. There was a slight delay in getting them mailed out this year. We encountered  more people getting a ranking because of the new "points Per Round" system, a new printing procedure that had to be coordinated with Midwest, and some delays in getting the files in the proper format from  Midwest. There are a number of Junior certificates that have incomplete addresses and couldn't be mailed. However, the office will attempt to get them corrected and mailed out as soon as we can.

Active .com which is the company that now runs "Tennislink" for the USTA has now verified that their service fee will be bundled with the tournament fee  when a player logs on to "Tennislink" to sign up for a tournament. (example: if the tournament fee for the tournament you are going to enter is $30.00 you will see the charge of $33.00 as the cost of the tournament that will be charged to your credit card).

The first 2007 Wisconsin District standing lists are now posted on the Midwest website. I would encourage all junior tournament players to look them over.

These lists are the result of recomputing the results of a player's tournament results starting on June 1, 2006 and continuing on through 2007, using the 2007 PPR tables and requirements (best six tournament results) for ranking for 2007.

The USTA announced today, January 31, 2007, that US Davis Cup Captain Patrick McEnroe has picked No. 4 Andy Roddick and No. 6 James Blake and the No. 1 doubles team of Bob and Mike Bryan for the U.S. squad that will face the Czech Republic in the first round of the 2007 Davis Cup.

Versus and the tennis channel will air same day coverage of all three days of competition, February 9-11, 2007. Versus will televise each day at 12:00 noon ET and the tennis channel will re-air at 8:00P.M.

(1/30/07) - Have a question about a rule of Tennis?
Now you can quickly access the “Friend At Court” that is the USTA “Bible” of rules governing the game of tennis, Go to the Wisconsin website at www.wisconsin.usta.com and when you get the home page, just click on the link on the left side of the page called “Rules / Officials”. On the next page that comes up on your screen, scroll down to the line entitled “USTA Regulations – 2007 “Friend At Court”. Click on this line and the 2007 edition of the “Friend At Court” will appear on your screen.

ATTENTION 14 and Under Junior tennis players! The Midwest Section has just awarded the Wisconsin District the “2007 Midwest Open Championships Boys 14”. It is not yet on the 2007 Schedule but it will be held at the Western Racquet Club in Elm Grove on July 22-26, 2007. You should be able to find it on the Midwest Section web site in the next few days.

(1/10/07) - 2007 Welcome back to Tennis Parties
There is a new twist to the “Welcome Back Tennis Parties” for 2007. The USTA will assist Accepted sponsors with a $300.00 support grant and on top of that the Midwest Section will support the party with an $800.00 grant. That is a total of $800.00 to be used primarily for advertising/promotion of the event but a portion of the grant can be used for food. If you are interested, there is an information sheet and an application available. Fill out the application and submit it to WBTT@USTA.COM with a copy to Donna Owens at donna@midwest.usta.com .