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(Page last updated 12/19/08)

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Lloyd Cook2

Lloyd Cook


Christmas is just around the corner. Leagues and most tournaments are finished for the year. The Wisconsin Tennis Association Annual meeting is over as is the Midwest Annual Meeting and Gala Fund Raiser in Chicago. That means it is time to look ahead to 2009 and to review 2008.


It was a great year, by any Tennis Association Standards! I want to thank the staff, Board, members of the Management Committee, Committee Chairs, Committees, Leagues Coordinators, Tournament Directors and most importantly… all of you who support this great organization by your membership and participation in the wide range of tennis programs offered by the USTA/Midwest/Wisconsin District.

Some stats: Membership is near an all time high (currently at 11,364.) Adult Leagues are approaching 10,000 participants (an all time record.). Junior Team Tennis Leagues are nearing 3,000 participants (another all time record.) There are approximately 125 tournaments of all kinds for every age and ability. Tennis courts are being built and refurbished. New CTA’s are forming. (The WTA has the most CTA’s in the Midwest Section.)

Some thoughts: 2008 was, indeed, a year of change for the WTA. We grieved at the loss of our long time Executive Director – John Jansky. John was, for many years, the helmsman of the WTA. He guided us, encouraged us, and sometimes did not agree with us. None the less, he always had that smile on his face and a pat on the back for you when things went right. John, for sure, in his 10 year role as the WTA ED had some big shoes to fill. Not to worry… along came Nancy Massart. She not only filled those shoes, she took the helm of the WTA “ship” and managed to steer us to bigger and better things… as we all knew that she would. Thank you Nancy.

And, along came Judy Veloff who took over the tough job that Nancy left – District League Coordinator of the Adult Leagues. So how did Judy do in her 1st year at the helm of the Adult Leagues “ship?” Well, she and her LLC’s and all of the League participants set an all time record for the number of participants. Thank you Judy.

And how about JTT? Well, since John Frausto resigned at the end of 2007, Christy Etten stepped up to the plate and took over at the DLC of JTT in 2008. How did Christy do? Well, as you saw in Christy’s report on the home page, JTT had the most successful year of any to date. Christy did so well this year with JTT that in October of this year, the WTA MC offered Christy a half-time position as JTT DLC. In November of this year, the Board of Directors approved the MC’s recommendation and thus, Christy Etten is now an employee of the WTA. When Christy 1st accepted the challenge of acting as the DLC of JTT, I set a goal for Christy of growing JTT to 10,000 members. Christy accepted my goal and is going to be working hard to bring the incredible JTT program to 10,000 kids throughout the WTA Districts in the next few years. Thank you Christy.

Finally, and certainly not least is Linda Freedman. Linda was not hired in 2008 but Linda has willing and graciously accepted many hats to wear in her years with the WTA. Currently, Linda is doing all sorts of great things with marketing and promotion. One example of her work is the latest E-mail Blast that you may have read… a “Seasons Greetings” from us to you. Thank you Linda.

Linda, like all of the WTA staff, is incredibly talented and… incredibly dedicated to promoting the great game of tennis… throughout the WTA District. So, even though 2008 was a year of change, it became, indeed, a year of positive change. I want to thank Nancy, Judy, Linda and Christy for the excellent jobs that they have done for the WTA. It is, for sure, a pleasure to be able to work with such an incredible team of tennis enthusiasts….

Junior Team Tennis: USTA Junior Team Tennis is the largest junior recreational tennis league with over 80,000 participants nation-wide. There are over 14,000 players representing the USTA/Midwest Section with the Wisconsin District a strong leader in the Section in membership, growth and participation from our junior players! In fact, Junior Team Tennis and QuickStart Tennis for 10 and under reached unprecedented levels of participation in 2008! We look forward to continued growth and success in JTT, QuickStart Tennis and Aces Kid's Club in 2009 under Christy Etten's expert leadership and guidance.

Adult Leagues: I have challenged Judy Veloff and her crew of LLC’s to take Adult League tennis over the 10,000 participant mark in 2009. Judy has accepted that challenge and will be working hard to make that a reality at the end of 2009.

Final thoughts: 2009 will be a year of challenge and more change…

I think, with our current staff, Board, Management Committee, Committee Chairs, Committee members, LLC’s, and scores of volunteers, the WTA will be up for the challenges and ready for change.

Thanks to each one of you for making the WTA the biggest and best District in the Section and remember… Every Member Get a Member. Give the gift of a USTA Membership for Christmas.

Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for a great 2009!

Questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, or ideas…
…please e-mail me at wisconsintennis@hotmail.com

Lloyd Cook, USPTA
President – Wisconsin Tennis Association