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The WTA is following the Women’s 4.5 Midwest Section Championship Team to Nationals!

This is the 1st in a series of articles by Tricia Ward – Team Captain.

Follow the team as it prepares for, goes to, and competes in the National League Championships in Hawaii.

TLOG 1 – Wednesday September 20, 2006

“The 4.5 Wisconsin Women's USTA Greenfield Team has been practicing and preparing for their trip to Nationals. They have a practice match against UWM Women's Tennis Team this week.

The Greenfield Team also just had their fundraiser at Sluggo’s Bar and Grill Saturday night.  This fundraiser was so important because it will financially support the team for some expenses at Nationals in Hawaii.  The team invited all their family and friends to join in the celebration and help fundraise.  Christy Beckmann who owns Sluggo’s donated 40% of their profit to the 4.5 team.

Dawn Becker gave a jewelry party at Sluggo’s and donated 25% of the profit that was made. Overall it was a huge success.”

Tricia Ward – Team Captain.

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