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TLOG #5 Thursday October 19, 2006
Nationals, Hawaii, and the Earthquake

The 4.5 Wisconsin Womens' Tennis Team had quite the adventure at Nationals this past week(October 12th-15th).. The 4.5 team played an excellent tournament at Nationals. The Wisconsin team played Tennessee first and lost a close one 2-3. Wisconsin then played Caribbean and won 4-1. The next day Wisconsin took on Missouri Valley and beat them 3-2. They were still in it going into the last match but had to win 5-0. Wisconsin played tough but lost against Florida who eventually took second in the whole championship. The 4.5 Wisconsin team ended up tieing for second in their flight. The Wisconsin 4.5 Womens' Team were very proud of their accomplishments. The Wisconsin team had taken a huge leap from the last time they were at Nationals in 2003. The Wisconsin team played against the best 4.5 teams in the nation and belonged on the court with them.

As the last day of the trip arrived for the 4.5 Wisconsin Team they were awoken by a 6.7 earthquake. Most people were in shock as they felt their hotel shake, rattle, and sway. The first earthquake lasted about 30 seconds as people hung on to anything they could grab. As soon as the first quake ended it seemed the second 6.0 quake started. At this time there was no power or cell phones working in the whole hotel. People ran as fast as they could down all the flights of stairs to evacuate as quickly as they could. Everyone got out safely and couldn't believe what had just happened. We were about to learn the the center of the earthquake was 6 miles from us. There would be many more aftershocks to come. There would be a tsunami scare for some of us which completely frightened us to death. Some flights were canceled that night due to power troubles and some people would be stuck in Honolulu. Did the 4.5 team really survive such a strong earthquake and tsunami scare?

The experience of this earthquake will change our lives forever. We have put tennis and life in their proper priorities. We had a great adventure playing tennis but we are more thankful for leaving beautiful Hawaii safely. The team I played with is remarkable. The friendships are everlasting and together we will never forget the 2006 National 4.5 Championships in Hawaii.

Tricia Ward (team captain)

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