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Tundra Tweeners Getting Ready to Tackle San Diego!!

Hailing from Green Bay, Wisconsin, this year's Midwest Section 14s Advanced Championships are looking forward to traveling to San Diego later this month for the 2006 National Team Tennis Championships. Together with family, the Tundra Tweeners will have what could be a record setting 37 people making the trip to the National Championships, including, all 11 teammates. Team Manager Dane Allen notes this large contingent of "cheeseheads" may even carry Wisconsin's tailgating tradition to the Barnes Tennis Center. The Tundra Tweeners crew knows they will face some tough competition, but they are determined to have the most fun in San Diego, win or lose.

Here's some interesting information Team Manager Dane Allen provided about the Tundra Tweeners:

Vince Lombardi Influence:
Borrowing from a famous quote from NFL Legend and hometown hero Vince Lombardi, the Tweener kids are a tight-knit group that have stuck together the last couple of years because of their team motto: Having Fun Isn't Everything, It is the Only Thing! Team Manager Dane Allen notes this philosophy has played a tremendous role for the kids and parents in developing a love for USTA Junior Team Tennis.

Tundra Tweeners pose with Vince Lombardi before heading out to practice:

Tundra Tweeners with Vince Lombardi

Behind the Tundra Tweeners name:
The kids carefully chose their team name two years ago to pay tribute to the "frozen tundra" nickname associated with their "home court" - Green Bay's Lambeau Field - and to recognize their favorite tennis shot - the difficult tweener. Team Manager Dane Allen stresses their love of practicing tweeners goes hand in hand with their philosophy of having fun on the tennis court. The Tweeners have been dreaming of hitting some tweeners in San Diego for a long time!!

Tundra Tweeners Practicing on Their Home Court:

Tundra Tweeners practicing on home court

Video Clip of the Tundra Tweeners practicing their tweeners

Fourth Quarter Come Back Makes for High Drama at Midwest Sectional Championships:
The Tweeners demonstrated similarities to future Hall of Famer Brett Favre in never giving up and coming from behind in the final minutes at their Sectional Championships. In their semifinal match, down a touchdown and two point conversion at 22 - 14, with only a few minutes to go, the Tweeners never stopped believing in themselves and won the final two mixed doubles matches 6 - 0 and 6 - 2 to win 26 - 24, and in the process pulled off an upset over the team that had knocked them out of the semifinals the year before. In the Championship match, the Tweeners held a slim 19 - 18 lead going into the final two matches, before a similar 6 - 0 score clinched the Sectional Championship.

Wow, What an Unbeaten Streak!
The Tweener's youngest player, Nick Allen, has not lost a 14s Advanced team tennis match for the Tundra Tweeners since November of 2004. Nick's match winning streak is now at 33 and counting heading into the National Championships! Nick, who started this amazing streak shortly after turning 9 years old, is now 11 and aims to keep the streak going for another 3 years.

Nick Allen met Bryan Brothers before starting his current team tennis winning streak:

Tundra Tweener's Nick with Bryan Brothers

Stay tuned for more news as the Tweeners head to San Diego later this month!

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