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(Page last updated 1/17/08)

Karen Drecktrah

A Note from Karen …

I’ve been participating in USTA Adult Team Tennis for 17 years, including being a captain for several years. Because tennis has personally given me so much; I felt it was time to give back by becoming involved. I learned this from my father, who was a volunteer both as a board member for our locally owned minor league baseball team and as our church’s grade school girls’ basketball coach for several years - that if you love something that has given you joy in return, you should try to give back by volunteering your time. In the late 1990’s, I started assisting Angela Fuchs, who was the NEL Women’s Coordinator at the time, by helping her type out the schedules she created that was sent to all the captains. In 2001, Angela decided to get further involved at the Midwest level, but wanted me to take over her position. Since I had (and still do have) a full time job, it was decided that the duties should be split between myself and another person. For every year, except one, I have worked with wonderful people – Ruth Park, Linda White and for the past two seasons, Imee Stamm. I feel my primary successes in this position have been helping with the growth of the NEL and being able to work with all the various tennis clubs and cities within the NEL area regarding scheduling of the Adult Team matches.

Just prior to becoming coordinator, I was asked to be on the Fox Valley Tennis Association board of directors and help out with keeping the database of members. This has been very worthwhile personally because of being able to help raise money for college scholarships, while also getting a chance to learn about and celebrate the Fox Valley area’s tennis past. I also use my position on the board to promote Adult Team Tennis by speaking at the annual FVTA awards banquet.

Actually, becoming a Wisconsin Tennis Association board member started accidentally. After being named a Local League Coordinator, I was sent various minutes and agendas regarding the Wisconsin Tennis Association. Not knowing the structure of (or really anything about) the WTA, I initially thought it was one of my duties as coordinator to come to the annual meeting. Once I got there, even though I found out I was one of the only non-board member coordinators in attendance, I learned so much about what the organization stood for that I kept attending the annual meetings until I was elected as an official board a couple years ago. I currently serve on the Tennis Marketing and Promotions Committee.