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Rules for Wisconsin District Qualifier and Wisconsin Cup Team Endorsement


Rules for Wisconsin District Qualifier (Closed) to Endorse Players for the
Midwest Closed Level 1 Championships

  1. Wisconsin has been allocated 14 quota spots for players in the 12, 14, 16, and 18 year old divisions, and 4 spots for the 10 & under division.  The 14 spots will be offered to the quarterfinalist of the main draw and 6 of the 8 players in the consolation quarterfinals.  The last two spots will be determined by the Midwest Standing list at the time of the draw.  The 4 spots in the 10 & under division will be awarded to the semifinalists.

  2. Remember: This tournament is a play-and-complete tournament, meaning that a player must play and complete all matches to be endorsed for the Midwest Closed.  No player will be endorsed who defaults or withdraws from the tournament.

  3. Players must register for the Midwest Closed by Sunday, June 11th and email judyveloff@gmail.com with their confirmation number, even though the deadline for the Midwest Closed is Thursday, June 15th.  This is necessary because Wisconsin is required to submit endorsed players before the MW deadline.  Please register NOW as your credit card will not be billed unless you are endorsed.  You will not be endorsed without the entry confirmation number.

  4. To register for the Boys & Girls 10 Midwest Closed Level 1 Championships, Greenwood, IN, on July 8 – 10,  click the following link and enter Tournament ID: 85009517 http://tennislink.usta.com/Tournaments/Common/Home.aspx?mode=.

  5. To register for the Boy and Girls 12/14 Midwest Closed Level 1 Championships, Lansing, MI, on June 24 – 29, click the following link and enter Tournament ID 850066317 http://tennislink.usta.com/Tournaments/Common/Home.aspx?mode.

  6. To register for the Boys and Girls 16/18 Midwest Closed Level 1 Championships, Indianapolis, IN, on June 14 – 29, click on the following link and enter ID: 850016117 http://tennislink.usta.com/Tournaments/Common/Home.aspx?mode=.


         For questions regarding endorsed players, please contact:

        Judy Veloff, judyveloff@gmail.com, 608-753-2840


         Pam Hammond, pamhammond62@gmail.com; 920-602-0341


Wisconsin District Cup Team Endorsement
Effective April 2018

2019 Cup Team Selection Process
All cup team candidates must register on tennis link to be considered for the 4 cup teams.  The application process will close on May 11 and the next Standing List will be used to determine the selection of the team members.  Only members registered on Tennis Link will be considered.

The tournament numbers to register for each division are:

Boys and Girls 12 and Under   850119319

Boys and Girls 14 and Under   850119219

Boys 18 and Under   850119419

Girls 18 and Under Marian Wood Baird   850119119