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2015 USTA Wisconsin Junior Team Tennis Championships

July 27, 2015 04:28 PM
JTT Championships
JTT Championships
JTT Championships

Congratulations to the Champions of the USTA Wisconsin District Junior Team Tennis Championships this weekend at Nielsen Tennis Stadium:

2015 JTT Championship Photo Gallery

12 Advanced, Championship Division:

   48 Games     Brookfield Elite (Highlander), Milwaukee, Manager:  Aaron Kolz

   32 Games     Hitters Team #2, Middleton, Manager:  Esther Kim - TEAM SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD

   31 Games     North Shore Elite, Milwaukee, Manager:  Chip Liefert - TEAM SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD


14 Intermediate, Championship Division:

    39 Games    Supreme Court II, Green Bay, Manager:  Maureen Merkatoris - TEAM SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD

    37 Games    No Names, Green Bay, Manager:  John Steckert - TEAM SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD


14 and Under, Non-Progressive Division:

    32 Games    Divine 9, Green Bay, Manager:  Melissa Battle

    28 Games    Purple Power, Oconomowoc, Manager:  Andy Badura - TEAM SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD


18 Intermediate, Championship Division:

    128 Games    Hotshots, Madison, Manager:  Deb Keller

    127 Games    North Shore Elite, Manager:  Robert Budiono

    120 Games    FCRC Advantage, Manager:  Karyl Kubiak

      87 Games    Milton Red, Manager:  Dylan Meyer -  TEAM SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD

      85 Games    Central Wisconsin Team #1, Stevens Point, Manager:  Joyce Krusa

      55 Games    Whack Its, Green Bay, Manager:  Renee Willis


18 Advanced, Championship Division:

    104 Games    Supreme Court, Green Bay, Bob Janssen & Bridget Zakowski Managers

    103 Games    FCRC Forehands, Neenah, Manager:  David Risgaard

      98 Games    North Shore Elite, Milwaukee, Manager:  Chip Liefert - TEAM SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD

      69 Games    Racket Scientists, Green Bay, Manager: Jennifer Balthazor - TEAM SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD

      52 Games    Baseline Blasters, Green Bay, Manager: Lisa Vivian


18 and Under Non-Progressive Division:                    

1st Place:            WKCTA             &​nbsp;              Wimbledon Flight    Alex Ferruzzi, Manager

2nd Place:          Sussex Smashers            US Upen Flight         Greg Smith, Manager

3rd Place:           Oconomowoc Acers       US Open Flight         Matt Teuteberg, Manager

4th Place:           Minocqua Walleyes        Wimbledon Flight    Ted Dasler, Manager - TEAM SPORTMANSHIP AWARD

5th Place:           Central Wi Team #2        Wimbledon Flight    Dan Sullivan, Manager

6th Place:           Portage                            US Open Flight         Sarah Pulliam, Manager

7th Place:           Lake Country Lobbers    Wimbledon Flight    Lauri Badura, Manager

8th Place:           Phillips Smashers           US Open Flight         Amy Pippenger, Manager - TEAM SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD


Thank you to everyone who participated, players and their families, coaches and staff for making this tournament a successful and fun event.