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National Senior Games

August 1, 2013 01:10 PM
Wisconsin tennis players were well represented at The National Senior Games, July 19-29.  NSGA promotes healthy and active lifestyles for athletes age 50 and over were held in Cleveland Ohio.  Congratulations to all the Wisconsin residents representing tennis excellence in singles doubles and mixed doubles at the Games.
Wisconsin representatives at the National Senior Games.
Women’s Singles:
Debbie Burgess
Pamela Evans
Patricia Quezaire
Sherry Ploor
Women Doubles:
Brenda Cullen and Pamela Tullberg
Judith Ann Carlson and Debbie Schweitzer
Pamela Evans and Mary Hansen
Nancy Ferguson and Bobbie Keelan
Donna Tyggum and Carol Parker
Men’s Singles:
Kevin Slonac
Jeffrey Quezaire
Gene Dobberstein
Troney Hutchins
Dieter Tempe
Reza Pakroo
Donald Hoeppner
Barton Triefler
Richard Naslund
Men’s Doubles:
Kevin and Glen Slonac
Greg Venci and Robert Longwell-Grice
Michael Evans and Dan Schaeur
Rick O’Connor and Richard Ellsworth
Gene Dobberstein and Roger Stafford
Ralph Felton and James Siegel
Troney Hutchins and Henry Thomas
Paul Kinsley and Charles Robinson
Howard Myers and Thomas Wuethrich
Carl Tyggum and Rex Parker
Mixed Doubles:
Brenda Cullin and Henry Thomas
Debbie Burgess and Ralph Felton
Judith Ann Carlson and Dan Schauer
Bonnie Brink and Richard Ellsworth
Sherry Ploor and James Siegel
Donna and Carl Tyggum
Bobbie and Michael Keelan
Arlene and Donald Sarnowski