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Rock Your Raquet Photo Contest!

December 1, 2012 06:01 PM
Elizabeth and her band have shared their inspiration at creating their award winning picture.
  1. The people in the photo from left to right: Elizabeth Murphy, Ken Yap, Leuska Krajcovicova (Middle), Duston Mcgarry, Jamie Sommer
  2. Our inspiration for this photo was to recreate a concert scene with tennis rackets.
  3. We took this photo at the local park (Palmer Park)
  4. We had quite a bit of trouble trying to find the right picture.  We had to decide what positions to stand in and what angle to use on the camera.  We ended up taking over 100 pictures.
  5. We promoted or photo in many ways.  We used social networking sites as well as our own personal contacts.
  6. We would vote almost everyday day and we would always vote for our picture instead of voting down a picture above us.
  7. We plan on donating a portion of it (at least $100) to buy underprivileged children Christmas presents.  The rest will be spent in various ways.