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Wisconsin Endorsed Players Released for Midwest Closed

June 8, 2017 12:03 PM

Congratulations to all of the players who took part in the Wisconsin District Qualifier Tournament.  Top players in all age divisions are proudly Endorsed by the Wisconsin District as eligible for the Midwest Closed Level 1 Championships in Lansing, Michigan and Indianapolis, Indiana on June 24 -29.  

G12 Endorsed Players:
Isabella Marquart
Ashley Matz
Hannah Cady
Mana Usui
Gwen Hammond
Kaede Usui

Lily Olson
Emmerson White
Alyssa Buzaitis
Quinlyn Mack
Nikita Remesh
Bella Bigari
Abby Lin
Ellie Sprinkman


G14 Endorsed Players:
Reese Brantmeier
Qavia Lopez
Bojana Pozder
Norah Balthazor

Autumn Bruno
Lauren Hope Bruemmer
Zaya Iderzul

Natasha Bailey
Rebecca Daskal
Elizabeth Sobieski
Lauren Carson
Lauren Sobieski
Katie Kavanaugh
Molly Asfeld


G16 Endorsed Players:
Isabelle Lee
Andie Weise
Veda Sane

Gabrielle Lee
Olivia Czerwonka
Logan White
Ashley Buzaitis
Jordan Schifano
Sabrina TAng
Baluck Deang
Mia Hessel
Mia Larrain
Lauren Landstrom
Grace Olson


G18 Endorsed Players:
Emma Corwin
Laura Larrain
Rachel Anderson
Sasha Semina

Angela Sendik
Emily Horneffer
Samantha Ramsay
Allison Brankie
Mia Andrea
Naomi Bhagat