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Tournament Director Information for

 Wisconsin Tournaments & Sanctioning


1.    Tournament Director Phone/Email Help:  920-602-0341 or click here to request help via email

2.    Annual TD Training is mandatory.  If you missed the live sessions, please contact the district office, pamhammond62@gmail.comfor more information.

3.    10 & Under Earned Advancement (EA) events must be on stand lone sanction forms. (Non-EA 10U events can be combined with other events on sanction forms.)

4.    TD’s must be input on the Sanction Form “Contacts” tab using a USTA#

5.    Use Player Selection Type = “Tournament Director Selection Process” on the Entry Info tab to reduce the need to give refunds.

6.    Use Category = “District Event” on the General Info tab (unless you are hosting a non-district event, of course) to keep our friends in the Midwest Office happy.

7.    Posting Draws at least 48 hours prior to start of match play helps parents & players manage their busy schedules.

8.    Late entries that impact seeding should not be accepted.

9.    Suspension points should be filed online by the TD (Under Tournaments/Administration select “Player Violations,” enter the tournament ID + player info to access the form.

10.    Additional tournaments may be sanctioned throughout the year, but it’s recommended to submit requests during the official sanction period.