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Two 12's Teams Take First Place in the Midwest Section

October 2, 2010 08:14 AM
12 Advanced Team Fox Cities Forehands
12 Advanced Team Fox, Cities Forehands
12 Intermediate Team Fox Cities Shotmakers
12 Intermediate Team, Fox Cities Shotmakers
The Wisconsin Tennis Association congratulates the 12 and under Intermediate Team, Shotmakers, and Advanced Team, Forehands, on their outstanding performance in the USTA Midwest Section Championship in Indianapolis.  Both teams advanced to the championship and were the winners of the tournament in their division.
Representing the Fox Cities Racquet Club, it is a tennis family affair with the guidance, support and participation of the Risgaard parents and family.  Mom, Ann Risgaard coached her daughter's team (Kiki) while Dad, David Risgaard coached his son's team (Ryan).  Both teams had success along with camaraderie and great fun.  This is the third year in a row that the Fox Cities Forehand team (12 Advanced) progressed to Indianapolis, with the majority of the team returning for the 2010 season.  The third time was the winning number.
The 12 Intermediate team, Fox Cities Racquet Club Shotmakers, coached by Ann Risgaard are featured as follows:   Alex Alt, Alyssa Carew, Benjamin Backer, Carter Brown, Kiki Risgaard, Marissa Walsh, Samuel Galloway
The 12 Advanced team, Fox Cities Forehands, coached by David Risgaard are featured as follows:  Emily Edsell,  Indraneel Raut, Jack Collison, Jackson Atassi, Lindsay Zimmermann, Makenna Jones, Maureen Schick, Ryan Risgaard.
Congratulations to both teams.