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Wisconsin District State Championship

September 1, 2010 03:42 PM
GML 4.0 Senior Men
GML 4.0 Senior Men, winners of the USTA/Midwest Section Senior Tournament
The Wisconsin State Championships were held August 13-15 at Nielsen Tennis Stadium in Madison.  Players convened from around the state, including La Crosse, Madison, Milwaukee, Southeastern League, North Central League and Northeastern League to participate in the culmination of the 2010 USTA summer league season.  The weekend was filled with friendship, fun, and fantastic competition.   The winning adult teams advanced to the USTA League Tennis Section Tournament in Indianapolis, Indiana August 20-23 and the Senior winners advanced to the Section Tournament August 27-29.
Special congratulations to GML 4.0 Senior Men who won the USTA/Midwest Senior Championship in Fort Wayne and have advanced to the National Senior Tournament October 29-31 in Rancho Mirage, California.  Good luck!
The following Champions represented Wisconsin at the USTA/Midwest Section Adult Championships in Indianapolis on August 20 -23, 2010:
    2.5: SEL,Waterford HS, Tracy Hribar, Capt
    3.0: GML,Western Racquet, Jodi Keller, Capt
    3.5: NEL, Passing Shots, Jill Frenette, Capt
    4.0: GML, Moorland, Lisa Pederson, Capt
    4.5: MALT, Wild Sets, Kelly Lagman, Capt
    3.0: MALT, Avenue Bar, Richard Doll, Capt
    3.5: GML, LeClub, Daniel Davis, Capt
    4.0: NEL, FCRC, Oscar Espanol-Ruiz, Capt
    4.5: MALT, Average Joe's Gym, Ron Beresky, Capt.
    5.0: GML, Paley's, Andy Paley, Capt.
Congratulations to these Champions who represented Wisconsin at the USTA/Midwest Senior Championships in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on August 27-29, 2010:
    3.0: MALT, Net Dreams, Patricia Mullins,Capt
    3.5: GML, LeClub, Nan Tellier, Capt.
    4.0: SEL, Princeton, Linda Fitzgerald, Capt.
    3.5: MALT, Alley Cats, Thomas Bround, Capt
    4.0: GML, LeClub, David Aversa, Capt
    4.5: NEL, Western Racket, Steve Burns,Capt